Thursday, July 06, 2006

I got to see the fireworks YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY

I was going to put this up the same night I took them, but fatigue overtook my body, and I heard my bed calling me. Plus I had an incident with my camera. I dropped it! Hopefully the four year warranty that the clerk at best buy coerced me into buying has coverage for the second most clumsy camera owner of the world. You'd think I would have been angry. Well I was a little sad, but I was more less happy, because I got to see the fireworks for the first time in decades. The last time I saw them I was a kid. It was almost twenty years ago that I last saw them in person. I saw them from a distance, buildings in the way and such. So seeing the fireworks in downtown Rochester, near there source, was bitter sweet to me. It may have cost me a digital camera, but I say it was worth it. I dropped it while I was uploading everything to my computer. Hopefully it's just the LCD screen.

I even captured some video with my camera. I recorded two parts of the fireworks show. I got the mid point and the exciting ending to the show. I hope that you like, I know hundreds of other people enjoyed it along with a dog. If your lucky, you can here me say, "That's awesome". Oh I forgot to mention that I saved the ending to Youtube and I am adding it here. Forgive me though, I don't have a steady hand like Steven (man I wish I had his talent), and I wanted to see the fireworks with my own eyes. It's still good though if I do say so myself.


P.S. You should see the fireworks that my sister Ablah provided for us last year. (us being Ablah and me) LMAO

Her "fireworks" Are below, the link to the original post is above.



Judith said...

OMG! Yippeeee! I heard it, I heard it! I heard your, "That's awesome" bit! Damn, I'm as excited as a crack whore in church!

And, what the hell is this about never hearing of the fabulous (loin cloth) Ted Nuggent? Do Jodi and I need to teach you a little somethin-somethin? First it's getting expelled from daycare, and now it's your life without Ted Nuggent. That's what's wrong with you, Charles! Some things just aren't right...

Judith said...

Oh yeah, one more thing ... fyi ... I'm still plotting.


Charles said...

I can only guess what you have planned Judith

X. Dell said...

(1) Fireworks look good in film too (or in this case, on video). Hope that your entire 4th was just as awesome.

(2) Judith's plotting? Plotting what?

Steven said...

You did great! I'd be pleased those bursts. I thought about doing more hand held shots this year but stuck to the tripod instead. Tough about your camera. I live in fear of dropping mine. Warrenty should cover it.

Bedazzzled1 said...

WAY COOL! You saw them really different ones, too. And how awesome are the booms? OMG, I think I love the booming just as much as the eye candy. I adore feeling my insides rattle with each spectacularly loud blast.

Happy you go to see them!

Nikki Ü

Bedazzzled1 said...

"Them really different ones"??? I MEANT to type, "You saw SOME really..." (I sound like a hillbilly if you read my typo sentence. Good God.)

Judith said...

What elavates your fireworks video above others (for me anyway) is the stoplight in the foreground. Watching it change from yellow, to red, to green, in unison with the fireworks display ... well, how the hell did you do that? :)

Charles said...

Thanx Steven, I think your shots are way better than mines. I hope my warranty covers it. I'm afraid to go back to Best Buy.

X-Dell I don't know what she's plotting. Be afraid be very afraid. LOL

I like explosiive booms too Nikki. I forgot how it sounds and how it feels (yes I felt fireworks) to be that close to the fireworks. It amazed me.

Judith, all I did was point and shoot. Nothing special, I just wanted to remember that day.

Antonette said...

Excellent pics and video!

Peety said...

Very nice !!!

I did not get to see them but now I can :o)

Thanks for your visit and comment LAMO...

Glass in the Ass !! he-he

Have a nice week-end..

shari said...

WOW :)

Ari said...

HAHAHAHA! I think everyone that own the Sims game does that toture technique at least once!

I'm surprised you were able to even capture the fireworks. They never turn out on my camera. Nice shots!


Chris said...

Great photos, Charles. I haven't been to the fireworks since we moved to Tennessee. It just doesn't compare to when we lived near the beach and would ride our bikes to watch them exploding over the ocean....sigh.

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Judith HeartSong said...

fireworks... good for you! judi