Sunday, July 09, 2006

I know what to write about when I lose my muse.

My muse and I have seem to have been separated.

I got nothing.

Well I have pictures of animals that I took at our Zoo. And a monkey's and Elephantss Butts amongst the pictures. Hey, hey, the monkey turned at the last minute that one wasn't my fault. Anyhoo I just don't feel like touching my camera right now. It's broke, and I am a little heated about that.

I don't even want to think about it.

My muse isn't amused by our lack of unity.

I think I just received a connection, hold one sec . . . . . .

Here we are, I remember something now. LOL

A week ago I was thinking about poetry. I was thinking about how amazed with some of the poets that I read. Jodi and Rebecca being some of the best poetry writers I read. Then it occurred to me, I have a crush on a poet, and I never realized that she was a poet in the first place.

You know how when people listen to music and sometimes we can't understand what the artist is saying, so we end up singing what we think we hear. Well at least that is what I do. When I first got Amel's new album. I heard something entirely different than what she was saying, in three of her songs.

I like to sit and just listen to music, for hours on end (in fact I am listening to some right now). I always listen to the album first and try to memorize the lyrics, and then I go to the album credits and get the lyrics if available.

Two out of the three songs on her Morning album, that I misheard, WOWED me when I read the lyrics on her Website. I don't even know what I was exactly saying at first, but I know it was something totally different than what she was saying. When I read the two songs, (Morning, and Mountain Of When), I realized that they were poetry. Beautifully written poetry. Here are the lyrics from each song.

Morning-Amel Larrieux

passes slow
get up moon go, I can’t take it
my thoughts
weigh me down
and I’m prisoner to my blanket
cuz I’m thirsting for
the brilliance of the glorious return of
the morning

enter my body
I promise this time we won’t fight you
Come and reveal
what my mind won’t let me feel, I won’t deny you
where have you gone
come and sing me your song, I won’t chide you
come and crack open the sky
and let your golden light through
cuz I’m thirsting for
the brilliance of the glorious return of
the morning

you’re not wanted here
hitch a ride with a tear wash away then
is what I yearn for
if its behind that door, then let me break it

Mountain Of When-Amel Larrieux

aim to be strong
fiddle with an arrow
the shot is too long
precision is not in my marrow
what's wrong
with me contentedly singing my own song
but not heard the music
the writings' on the wall
but i took the scenic route
and i can't call
the number's in the pocket of my jeans
through it all
talking the talk, running before i walk
missing the meaning
plotting the course
while i'm stuck at the bend
penchant for rocky terrain and dead ends
wind myself up just to unravel into a great,
mountain of when
"should've" is a place
i sometimes frequent
yet they know my face
better at "i can't"
but if there's a wait
"i will" is close by and "when" stays open late,
the menu is vast
predicting the loss
before i begin
so it don't cut too deep
when i don't win
not like it's working
for this clever lark
i can recite the story
behind every scar
predicting the loss
before i begin
so it don't cut too deep
when i don't win
i hate it when i'm right
much rather be wrong
i'd rather be wrong

My favorite parts of each song is highlighted in blue. They have meaning, they have value (to me), they are cleverly written to evoke a response, and I responded by getting very emotional. Amel is a great singer and a writer (I think her husband helped write it too). I think they did a great job on the album. It's a shame that people don't really "LISTEN" to the lyrics. Like I tried to explain to my sister Ablah, it's not all about the music. The words are what matter. You have to listen. Most songs are about love, cheating and begging. I don't even want to get into today's rap. That's not what Amel is about. Sure she does love songs, but she has also done songs about issues in this world. I say if you buy or listen to any an album, listen to the words, not just the music. Sure it's entertaining and all, but if your song has a nice beat and some great music, and the lyrics are lousy, is it worth it? Amel is a great Artist, and I think she is underated. I wish that more people would give her shot.

Left out in Rochester


Chelle said...

Dinner's ready!

Hey, I like some of the rap. You just have to stay away from the mainstream pop radio cRAP... LOL

Lyrics are where it is at. Every time I get a new cd I play it and sit on the floor in front of the speakers while reading along to with the lyrics.. LOL That way I don't think they are sing "pee in a jar" LOL @ my friend who thought Janet Jackson was singing about peeing in a jar instead of being in a bar... ROFLMFAO!!!! That still cracks ME UP!!!!

Jod{i} said...

Wow..... didnt know you go over to Messages...
Being a poet is something that emtional, a feeling that dwells within and is written with a passion..
Anybody can do it, just we have this fear, us as in society, that if we reach deep inside and heave it all out for all to see? We are vulnerable.
It is very subjective.
Thank you for the pimp..
Most songwriters/lyricists ae poets...I like taking the lyrics and just reading them without the music, gives such a different perspective on it, doesnt it?

Ummm and charles? Your muse?
You wrote a good post here..Maybe its the Muse wants to delve in other realms, while you want to go elsewhere?
Food for thought.

Char said...

Lyrics are the best Charles, its lyrics that do it for me in any song. As for a muse, you kept my attention in absentia of muse so all should therefore be well.

Ari said...

^ Yeah, what she said. ^

Muses are fickle things. You have to keep their attention, you do. You have to lovingly stroke them and pet them...

Ok I can't even finish that thought. I'm in a weird mood today.


Jeff said...

Muse? . . . Muse. Where do I get this "Muse" you speak of? :)

The Dark Lord Omz said...

She's a good muse yo!

X. Dell said...

Sometimes singers don't annunciate well. I mean, has anyone ever understood Mick Jagger or Curt Cobain?

There's a song in "Funny Girl" called "The Cornet Man." I was in a production. The first line was supposed to go "The lady ain't been born can take the place of a horn," but the singe couldn't pronounce the 'n' at the end of 'horn.'

And I could sweear that I heard Olivia Newton-John singing, "Let's get enemas, enemas. I want to get an enema."

Maybe I should clean the wax out of my ears.

DEREK said...

Jodi is one of my fave's too, really enjoying your blog.