Monday, July 17, 2006

I bet you take something for granted

Think About It!

We have a number of things that we take for granted, and not realize it. If you were teleported to the 18th century, do you think you would stand a chance? Would you be able to tolerate the scorching heat? Would you be able to live without a "Extra Value Meal"?

Where did my internet connection go????

I know there are people in other countries who don't have some of the things we have, in some cases some of them don't have any possessions.

Can you imagine if out of the blue, some kind of electromagnetic pulse swoops over the Earth and wipes every piece of technology out.

What would you do?

First: I would flip out and start cursing.

Second: I would start crying and complaining.

Third: I would go into some kind of insane convulsion on the ground, with my left eye twitching, while I am "walking" on one side in circles.

What's that saying? Like a chicken with it's head cut off.

If you think you could survive it, think again!


A young man comes to work one morning and all of the phones are out! The young man thinks this to be a good thing, until he realizes that there are other things that depend on the phone line(s).

He finds out that he can't do any Western Union Money Transfers!
He finds out that he can't do any Utility Payments!
He finds out that he can't print out any Money Orders!
He finds out that he can't Cash any Payroll Checks!
He finds out that he can't use the page to call a manager over the intercom if an emergency turns up, or if a customer wants to speak to one. He also can't call a department to ask a question either?

Who is he???

He is Me!!!

The four Processes are very important at the desk. They bring in a lot of money, and hopefully customers that want to shop. Unfortunately, I had to turn a number of people away.

As far as the paging issue, I had to walk around the store looking for managers, department heads, and clerks when a question, request or a problem arose. Unfortunately this didn't even happen as much as I wanted it to.

(Wait a minute, did he say Unfortunately?)

Yes I did!

We get killed with phone calls sometimes. I once had four people call in a matter of seconds. So you'd think I would be appreciative of the break but...

I was bored as....

All I could do is just sit and do nothing! I sold mostly stamps and Lotto, but this happened in gaps. It finally got to the point where I went into a tiny lapse of insanity, and started singing Miniature Disasters, by KT Tunstall! Well at least part of the Chorus

Miniature disasters and minor catastrophes

Bring me to my knees
Well I must be my own master
Or a miniature disaster will be
It will be the death of me

I ended up cleaning up the desk before the convulsing and twitching began.

We had a few people come into the store and ask if our Phone lines were down (including an employee). They said that they had been calling all day. Someone told me That the phone lines were out since last night around 8pm. They were out until about 2pm today, and I was actually happy to hear it when it finally wrung again. When the phones started working again, our corporate office called to inquire as to why we weren't answering our calls. I guess we were getting a lot of complaints. At one point I was so bored, I wanted to play hang man with my co-worker when she got to work.

Heck, I was happy to empty a plastic bottle machine!


Bobby said...

At my job, if we are down electronically, we go mechanically. It is like going from The Jetsons to The Flintstones in a finger snap. I feel you on all this and can relate many times over. You got bored, but I had to get moving - our bosses covered that base real well. Bastards.

P.S. Thanks for reading my journal. I am going to come back for more reading here. Good stuff, man.

ariadneK, Ph.D. said...

I'd be able to make it, since my job and internet hobbies would not constitute "my entire life"...but it would be funky to get used to. Well, except for psychiatric medications: if I didn't have THOSE, I might be apt to be "quite unpleasant to be around" (understatement!).

Nice blog, BTW. :-)

Char said...

I would be forced to invent global clockwork technology and perhaps something based on the awesome power of those little windmills you put on sandcastles. It would be a worthy task.

redsneakz said...

Well, I would do the same thing I do every night.

Try to take over the world.

Jeannette said...

If your phones go down again you get two empty tin cans, make holes in the bottom and put a piece of string through each. Then you give one can to the person you want to talk to and pull the string taut by moving away from each other then you talk through the can while the other person holds it to their ear! That's why it's best to empty the can else you get an earful of peas or tuna or whatever! Next time the phones go down you'll know what to do!

Chelle said...

ha ha ha... we HAVE had the phones go down... with the internet.... and litterally we were at a standstill as it is ALL in the "system" nothing on paper any more. LOL I just smile and enjoy the peace while it happens.

If it happens and I have nothing at home, EVEN electricity I am fine. I have lived out in the sticks my whole life and pretty much live on meager means and can live off the land if need be.

You can come on over any time! :oD

Chris said...

If the phones were did the home office call to ask if the phones were down? I'm confused, lol.

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The Dark Lord Omz said...

what do you think I'm doing when my connections to the outside world go down, Mr. WILL NOT TAKE A SIDE guy?


DesLily said...

I will never understand why businesses don't have a "back up" when technology breaks down.. meaning a "back up way to get most things done even without electronics of some sort"..gee.. like how horrid to think there might have to be a paper trail!