Friday, July 14, 2006

Which side?

I have been away from my journal for a few days, and while I was gone, a battle of sorts ensued. I got seven or eight emails in regards to this battle, two of which were from the "Big Guns". One asked me if I would like to join in on the Roast (as Chris so eloquently put it), and the other asked me which side I was on.

Which side I'm on...Hmmmmm???

That is a good question, That is THE Question!

In order for me to answer it, I have to first explore a comment that Chris made regarding me. And I quote, "And Charles....he acts WAY too nice, I think maybe he is hiding something".

Maybe I am.

I admit that when we do one of these gang up posts, I take the Mi'hen Highroad. I had fun without the torture. If I unloaded, it wouldn't be pretty, and I would lay waste to all of your roasty toasty posties. I am like Jean Grey, you don't want me to lose control and unleash the Dark Phoenix! It would be a horrible, horrible thing to do.

Whose side am I on???

Lets see


The letter C is me!

I am like a dog who has two owners calling for it at the same time, and it doesn't know which one to run too (Here Rover, come here boy {whistle}).

They both have done something for me.

The Good
They both invited me to join in on these roasts.
Ari helped me find Final Fantasy X songs.
Omar has made me laugh on numerous occasions.

The Bad
They both have spelled Amel Larrieux's name wrong. (it's not spelled a-m-i-e-l it's AMEL).

I say they are about even, so how do I settle this???

Everyone in the battle must write a comment: 200 words or less. Whomever writes the best one, "
may" get me to join there side.

Am I evil, or kind. Heck I am neutral!

Fett For Hire!

What's up with all of this Star Wars Stuff! I should say Ferengi For Hire, but the Ferengi are ugly creatures.


Judith said...

This is easy.
Omar--------Everyone else

If that doesn't work for you, Rock, Paper, Scissor: Best of Seven is quite reliable.

And when all else fails, cheat!

Stephaine said...

The choice between good and evil or in this case evil and evil is never easy.

Your quandary is understandable. I too was unsure of what to do when I received that email. The choice for me became easy once I remembered the day Tom Brady was desecrated. Not that I'm condoning revenge. Well maybe I am, just a little.

Anyway, the email requesting you to join was really granting the request of the roastee when he said something like he wanted this place to be fun again.

So you see by joining in you are actually answering both calls.

Okay, how many words was that?

The Dark Lord Omz said...

We are journal brothers....that's all that needs to be said.

Jod{i} said...

I am so glad I was able to sit and be an observer...even though technically it was MY doing that began it all..bwaahahahaha...

And I am just an innocent...

hee heee


Nope no coconuts

Ari said...

This is easy. Amel and Ari both start with the letter "A". Join me.


Chelle said...

Pst Charles... go into a witness protection program....

Chris said...

Charles, you remind me of Clint Eastwood in a Fistful of Dollars....or was that For A Few Dollars more, where he is working as a hired gun for both sides of the town dispute.

Charles the Hired Hitman.....I love it.

Rock on.....

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