Monday, August 07, 2006



I am a monkey that has some very strong legs, and I am trying my hardest to kick a ball as far as I can. Wait, did I say I was a monkey? Seriously, I have fallen like so many others on Blogmad to an addiction of monkey madness. There is this game called (wait a minute, I can kick the ball again) Monkey Kick Off. The name speaks for itself, there is a monkey that is obviously obsessed with kicking a ball (I can kick again). Your goal is too kick the ball as far as you can. If you want to challenge my score here is the link. Is it me or is this game addictive. Is it me or was that monkey a kangaroo in a previous life.


Recently I have realized that I am not happy with the current situation that I am in. I have realized that I was more independent when I was a child in comparison to now. I have also realized that at the rate I am going, I am going to have to quit my job for health reasons. I am not as happy there as I once was. Its kind of like my body is coming to work, while my mind is elsewhere. I need a new job, something a little bit different. Most of the jobs today require some kind of degree, and the ones that don't are temporary jobs through those Temp agencies. I can either go back to school, or I can take my chances with those temp agencies until I find a job that will hire me permanently. The night I came to this "reality", I filled out a application form at Monroe Community College. Now all I have to do is get one of those gift cards with a Mastercard logo on it. I think I am going to try college again.


Chelle said...

OOOOoooOOOoooOOOOO...... that's scary and stuff.... I am SO PROUD OF YOU!!!! YAY!!!!


Chelle said...

and um.... 3877 monkey meters..... BOOOO YAHHHHH


Judith said...

I'm all over the education thing. Go. Do. Be. That is my motto.

Red said...

That monkey game is making me nuts too! lol
Good luck of the job stuff, I am going to have to get a second one just to's not pretty. :(

Jeff said...

School. It is awesome. No matter what happens, no one can subtract any education from you.

And that monkey game . . . I don't have time for it, but I must. I MUST!!

Jod{i} said...

The monkey is killing about addiction!

Sounds like a plan Andy...ummm no not Charles is good! ANything you pick will be fine ...If you link your blog in that little box? I know its you! ;)

Ari said...

That would be wonderful, hon!! You'll meet lots of new people, plus learn lots of new things. It'll be so much fun for you. I wish I could go, now.


DesLily said...

There's good and bad in a college degree. The bad is a degree doesn't mean you will ge hired.
But the good is that you can never learn too much! And it can't be taken away from you once you learn whatever it is that you choose to learn about, it can only help you.

Just be careful of any "college loans" you take.. i know someone who graduated from his college and now owes 75,000..not a way I'd want to begin things with!! But do check into ways of getting free money to help with your education. There are some books out there (wish i knew the names) of many way to get it and it's free. Don't give up!

Bedazzzled1 said...

::smile:: Sounds like a great decision you have made. Good luck to you!

Ohhh, do not even tempt me with an online game. I have addictive tendencies when it comes to those games. I become too obsessed. Just one more round becomes fifty. ACK.

redsneakz said...

4430 monkey meters, and I am SOOOO damn addicted.

And as for college, definitely go for it!

Chris said...

Hey, I am proud of you Charles. You deserve that degree and job you want. You are too smart and too creative not to be doing something you love.

Good luck to ya!

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