Tuesday, August 01, 2006

"Hot Thoughts"

Where do I start?

Let me just say thank you to everyone who left there thoughtful comments in last Saturdays post. I was…I am feeling a little down, and a tad bit under the weather, so my posts have been a little less frequent as of late.

Last night I had intended to write and post, but I ended up messing with my Blogger template. It’s the same template, but I changed the color schemes using HTML code. I also widened the body for my posts and placed the titles of my blogs on the outside of each post. I also centered my banner, because it was kind of off. It took awhile to do all this, because I am but a mere amateur at this. I had to use the preview option to see how it turns out. I like it, but I want to put my post titles in a border, kind of like Stevens, but I want the length of the border to be a bit longer. I feel that there is still something missing! I wonder what else I can do to it.

Remember when I said that I “poured” instead of sweating. Well today I ask the question, “What’s the next level after “pour”. After this day is over, hopefully I will have an answer. After this day is over, I may lose ten pounds. After this day is over, I am going to curse out anyone who says, “I wish summer was here” when the winter season starts. Why you ask… BECAUSE I AM GOING TO EXPERIENCE WEATHER SIMILAR TO THAT OF THE SOUTH AND CALIFORNIA, THAT’S WHY. We are expecting 100 degree weather today. I think this has only happened once in my lifetime in Rochester. I don’t remember it from my past, but if we top out at 100 degrees today, I will never…ever forget it. What makes matters worse is that I have to work today (a sarcastic hooray). I’m catching the bus, and I bringing some water with me too. I don’t care what anyone says to me at work. I am going to have about five drinks, and I am going to drink them in front of the customers regardless of professionalism.

I’ve mentioned before that I am in a battle with anxiety. Always wondering what people think of me, if they are laughing at me. I even have a difficult time making phone calls. I realized now, that regardless of whether or not I stutter, I have the right to exist, and I have the right to make a phone call. They can either say yes or no. They can either pick up the phone or let it wring. I have NO control over anyone’s actions but my own. With that said, I put my fears aside and I did something that I wanted to do for a long time. I have had the same house key since we moved in this house in 1994 (its 2006 by the way…LOL). I wanted to get one of those decorated keys. I wanted one for months now, ever since I saw my sister Ablah with her Winnie the Pooh key. After I got off of work, I walked up to the hardware store across the street from work and I asked for the key I wanted and I got it.

Mission Accomplished!

Are you ready for some football? Hell Yeah!

Yesterday in the wee hours of the morning I saw an article on yahoo that made me think “Duh”. You don’t need Obvious Man to answer this question.

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Why don't we get a break at the pump...Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely! The oil companies got enough money to to buy the United States and then some, but they want more. They can't have enough money. Greed is the fuel (pun intended) behind the rise and prices, so I don't give a {expetive deleted} what kind of explanation the media or these companies are giving.


Next time: "The Adjustment"


Jeff said...

It is funny how we give others power over our emotions and our esteem.

I have ranted about the oil companies in my blog! Hate it.

I dislike Takeo Spikes!

Chelle said...

ha ha ha..... there are so many sun whorshippers here that have been complaining about the heat. I said you asked for it and said you LIKED 100 degree weather. They said, but I'm hot. ROFL



Judith said...

After pour, is deluge...

The Dark Lord Omz said...

It's not actually me who's writing this. I'm only a shell. Melted away into nothing because of this effin' heat.

Bobby said...

Man, I liked the entry - until you showed the Buffalo Bills key. I forgot where you are at, though, so I guess I can't complain. LOL

DesLily said...

it's been over 100 degrees here for 3 days now.. I have no air conditioner in my room..it's hovered in the low 90's in my room.. I have a fan directly on me and it helps some because of constant sweat.. the first night i slept ok because of exhaustion, last night was a different story.. hot hot hot... tonite they say storms will move in and "cool us down to the high 80's".. but I do know it will make a big difference. so.. it's hot or lightening storms... crummy summer here in NJ!!

Ari said...

I guess there's no debate over global warming now, eh? Man, it's hot.