Friday, August 18, 2006

Secret Sentence (Special Edition)

Remember Secret Sentence-The meme where I put highlighted words in my post and have my reader put the words together to form the correct sentence...Of course not, it wasn't that popular.


Well I did about 13 of them this could be considered the 14th but hey its a "Special Edition" (HAH).

Its sort of a SS, but not. Instead of giving you words to form a sentence, I am going to give you words as a clue to solve the answer. As usual they will be highlighted in blue (not counting links). A sort of Secret Sentence Theme Meme. If you figure it out, I challenge you to do the exact same thing(you don't have to make it a secret sentence though). In effect I am tagging everyone that reads this post! Yes That means YOU! I learned from the previous Secret Sentences that people didn't want to answer because someone had beat them to the punch. So this time around I will use comment moderation until Monday. They won't be posted to the comments section until sometime next week...Oh say Monday. There won't be any hints, besides if you read me enough you should be able to figure it out. The winner gets pimped in the Pimp Joint.

Secret Sentence (Well sort of)-What do all of these words have in common?

Its around 4 in the morning as I am typing this post. It's a good thing that I don't have to get up in the morning to go to work. I'm so tired that it feels like my eyes are hanging out of there sockets. I bet your eyes don't feel this way because you are probably sleeping while I am typing this.

If you hadn't notice, I the last post I wrote was the first in about a week. I wouldn't have posted at all if Michelle didn't email me. So I am thanking her for her email, and for the reply she sent me when I emailed her back. A former co-worker (whom I had a crush by the way) of mines who is dear to me lost her father a little over a week ago. She looked so sad, and I wish that there was something I could do to bring her dad back. She-Herself had a battle of her own growing up as a child. She had a battle with cancer, and she overcame it. I'm sure she will overcome this too, but she will never forget her father. I remember when we used to work together,I thought she was so cool, I would never expect her to say certain words Like (Damn Charles LOL). Her voice sounded like that of a little girl, it was so cute. I would smile when ever she would say something, and unlike everyone else at the desk at that time, I could easily talk to her. So you can imagine how upset I must feel at myself for not telling her how sorry I feel for her dad's passing.

I thought about her and her father, and then it made me think about me and my father. This in turn made me feel down. I guarantee that her relationship with her dad was better than the one that me and my dad have. Death is an inevitable thing, I don't know how I am going to react when my dad passes on, but there will be a reaction. I love my dad, but our father/son relationship is no where near where I would have liked it to be. It's just one unanswered question after another. I just feel that there is something I'm not being told. I want to know why he didn't come get me on a constant basis. I want to know what he was like when he was growing up. I want to know if there was something I did wrong that stopped him from getting me. I want to know if it was my fault for my parents divorce. I want to know my dad, because I feel it would help me to get to know myself better, to make me whole. I remember when I was a kid, there was no one else who I wanted to be like than him. I looked up to him, I didn't want to listen to the negative things that my mom said about him (for the record vice versa). They probably don't remember, but they did. I didn't want to believe them. It's been about two years now since my dad and I talked. I heard that he isn't feeling to good. I wish that he would listen to his doctors and give up stuff like ice cream. It's funny vanilla is his favorite, and its mines too.

Believe it or not-Regardless of what time this post says, it's 5:29am and I am still up. I haven't slept well in three days. Been up watching TV and such. Just once I wish I could sleep for at least eight hours straight. Can you tell I'm feeling a little down...Yeah!

Why do bad things always seem to happen to me when I go to the Laundromat? Partially bleached clothes, a weird lady, and a stupid dryer that didn't dry my clothes. Now I can add broken earphones to that list. Okay there are three seats bolted together as one chair. Someone decided to move these seats away from the window and out of the sunlight, because of the hot weather. When I get there I see this and I felt kind of awkward sitting on the one of the seats, in the middle of the floor.

So I decided to move them back to there original position. I had to bend over to do this and unbeknownst to me there was a crack in the middle chair. Guess what, at that moment what seemed to be something out of a planned storybook happens. Sometimes I wonder if somewhere God is sitting at a desk, writing a cleverly laid story, with sub-plots woven together with everyone's lives intertwined together. Because at that very moment, while I was pushing those stupid chairs (as a reminder: I call every inanimate object stupid out of frustration) back to there original spot, my earphone cord gets caught on the crack in the middle chair.

It was a rather huge crack that for some reason I hadn't noticed until I finished pushing the chairs back. I noticed when I straightened up my body from bending over, because my earphones were pulled off of my head, and the side with the cord on it broke off. I Ruined earphones, so I decided out of anger to make them a matching pair, and I ripped the other side of the earphones of too. Nothing but trouble when I go to do my laundry, well at least it makes for a good story. Too bad that magic isn't tangible, because I loved those earphones. I had them for a long time. They had some sentimental value to them. As we know sentimental value is worth a lot of bizzaro world.

I learned my lesson though. Say NO to Crack! Whether it's booty crack, drug crack or a cracked chair, just say no to all Crack!

See YA!

PS: it's 6:23am now!


Jeff said...

I am not too confident with this but it sounds like elements of a prayer. That is what it reminds me of anyway.

I know how you feel about some game type thing in your blog not being popular. I tried a song lyric game in mind and got no responses. I didn't factor in that NO ONE READS MY BLOG. lol

Bobby said...

They are all song titles by Amel Larrieux. This was pretty easy, Charles. I had fun with this one. You can download them at Yahoo Music.

Chelle said...

* biggest hug I can muster up *

Charles, I have NO CLUE to what the flippen answer is. It is Friday and I turn off my thinker at 5:00pm. LOL LOL LOL

And, hon, YOU did nothing to have your father stop. It took me till just this past year to realize that myself with my father. It's not me. It is him and it is his loss. Perhaps he feels guilty for not being able to give you the life he wanted to give you and it is easier to be out of sight out of mind, so to speak.

Trust me. It is HIS loss. You are a fantastic intelligent man. And very handsome. ::giggles:

As for the ear phones, think of it this way, God wants to you get yourself something new and nice and not too expensive. SO! He chose the opportunity.

(and ty for the sweet comments about me)

Hang in there big guy!

Love ya! XOXOXO

Chris said...

Damn....I didn't get it the first time through. I'll try again later. Or maybe it will come to me in an inspiration!

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Char said...

are they all amel larrieux song titles?