Thursday, August 03, 2006

"The Adjustment"

In this post, I asked if anyone would “adjust “ there underwear in the public. I got some interesting answers.

Some of you implied that you go “commando”

One of you thought that its okay as long as you aren’t “Digging For Gold”.

To the “commandoes”-Imagine that you are wearing underwear for a day…Okay!

I was at work and I: for some reason was in a uncontrollable laughing mood. I was checking out women as they were coming into and leaving the store. There was this one particular woman that walked in who had a nice butt, a big butt, and a curvaceous body. As my eyes followed the butt…er…I mean the woman in I was still checking her out, when all of a sudden she did something to my surprise.

She adjusted her underwear!

I was in shock! I paused for a minute and said to myself, “did she just”. Then I asked my co-worker at the desk, and she started laughing. I was already cracking up, when…

Have any of you have a way of saying something in your head that sounds right, but when it comes out of your mouth things turn horribly wrong. Well one of the runners on the Front-End comes up to the desk, and I am just totally out of control at this point, with no barriers, and control over myself. I had a question on my mind, and I wanted to ask her. It was meant to be asked the same way as written here, but it didn‘t come out that way. This is why I hold back my thoughts some of the time. I have to remember to think before I speak.

What was it that I asked her???

Would you drop your panties out of your butt in the public?

It sounded right in my head, but when it came out of my mouth, the runner was like, “Huh“.

It didn’t end there just yet. The runner replied by saying, “It depends…how much am I going to get paid“. I didn’t see that one coming either. I started rolling, and then my co-worker at the desk, ended up asking the runner the question in a more “tasteful” way.

Still it was fun, and funny though.

Afterwards I was thinking about the times when I had to make an adjustment. When I am at work, I usually go behind the recycling machines and adjust, and I don’t just mean adjusting in the back either. Sometimes a guys “pReCiOuS” can get caught in between the hole in the front of his underwear, leaving him feeling very, very uncomfortable. I’m not going to go the entire day with it just hanging there like that. NO, I’m going to fix it, but I am going to do it someplace privately (LOL remove the l and y), where no one can see me.

Don’t worry, I sanitize afterwards.


Chris said...

For "front end alignments", I like to use the sly "hand in pocket" technique. It's taken years to perfect.

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Judith said...

Stop laughing at me!

Jeff said...

You missed your calling. You should be a lingerie salesman.

Ari said...

I do that all the time. I don't even care. But don't listen to me, I'm pretty sure I come from a line of heathens.


X. Dell said...

If you watch pretty women long enough, you'll catch them doing all of the semi-private self-grooming adjustments that you would usually do: underwear adjustment, nose picking, scratching, expelling flatulence, and so on.

It's for that reason I stopped ogling women many moon ago.

Da Gal said...

Hiya Charles - I haven't been here for a while and my link to your blog showed that you had disappeared. So glad you hadn't.

Gotta say - I have to adjust if it just isn't riding right. Although I do attempt to do this as discreetly as possible.

Love the new look over here! Might have to call you Mr. Fancy Britches!

Judith said...

I like the new skins.

Chelle said...

lmao @ the visual I know get to go to sleep with... Charles adjust'n his unit.... ROFLMFAO