Friday, April 07, 2006

Wikipedia Birthday Meme: 4 Events, 3 Births, and 2 funerals

Paul of Aurora Walking Vacation has a Cool Meme over on his blog. Here are the instructions!
Here's the way of it. Look up the date of your birthday in Wikipedia (Example: 18 June). From the date page, pick three interesting historical events that occurred on that date, two births, and one death. I've given you four, three and two, because I wanted to. You could say I don't follow instruction well if you wanted. I prefer to look at it as bonus memology.

Here's mines:

Here's what Happened:
1178 - Five Canterbury monks see what was possibly the Giordano Bruno crater being formed. It is believed that the current oscillations of the moon's distance (on the order of metres) are a result of this collision.

1873 - Susan B. Anthony is fined $100 for attempting to vote in the 1872 presidential election.

1923 - Checker Cab puts its first taxi on the streets.

1981 - AIDS is identified.

Here's who was born:
1942 - Roger Ebert, American film reviewer

1942 - Sir Paul McCartney, English singer and songwriter (Beatles)

1963 - Bruce Smith, American football player (Wow I learned something new about one of my favorite Buffalo Bills of all time.)

Here's who passed on:
1902 - Samuel Butler, English writer (b. 1835)

2002 - Jack Buck, baseball announcer (b. 1924)


DesLily said...

Hi Charles.. oh wow see that!! You learned something lol..
and you share your b'day with Paul McCartney too..neat.

Interesting tidbit about Susan B Anthony!! lol.. geez 100.00 back then would be more then a months salary!

Stephaine said...

This was cool. I did it but screwed up and did 5,4 and 3.

Chris said...

The question is, do you think Susan tried to pay the fine with dollar coins? ha ha ha ha

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Jod{i} said...

Chris is such a card!!!
I did mine, yet I couldnt decide who to put up there! Lots of dictators, scary or what?

Jay said...

How dare she attempt to vote on your birthday? The nerve!

Ari said...

I might have to do this. This is pretty interesting. It's amazing what happens on your bday, huh?