Friday, April 14, 2006

100 Things

  1. My Favorite Super Hero is Spider-Man.
  2. My favorite cartoon as a kid was Transformers.
  3. My first big wheel was called The Green Machine.
  4. I used to love doing hook slides with it.
  5. The first dog I ever had was stolen from me.
  6. The first dog I ever had was stolen for me.
  7. I used to have a "Little professor" calculator, because I had problems with math.
  8. My second dog was taken from me, because we couldn't have pets in the house we were moving into.
  9. I didn't understand why, because the stupid house had rats and roaches.
  10. A rusted bed spring punctured my right foot, just below my ankle.
  11. I almost lost my foot.
  12. We used to have a rat, almost as big as our cat, in one of the houses my mom used to rent.
  13. A woman pointed this out on thanksgiving night to a police officer, while giving a report about the drunk man that smashed his car into my mother's Chevette.
  14. The first bike I ever had was wrecked by a kid with a big head.
  15. I thought he couldn't balance my bike because of his big head.
  16. I used to be a smelly kid in elementary and one year of middle school.
  17. My brother broke my Atari when he was a baby.
  18. My sister broke my Metroplex Transformer when she was a baby, by sitting on it.
  19. I didn't let my brother play with my Nintendo, until I realized that he could kick my butt in it.
  20. My Nintendo eventually broke, and my mom got Jevon one.
  21. He wouldn't let me play with it at first because I wouldn't let him play with mines.
  22. I once closed my then three year old sister Islah in a dark hallway, she laughed. I was scared of her afterwards. I thought she was the devil's child.
  23. I love my step-mom as if she was my second mother.
  24. My step-mom took me to the hospital when I hurt my ankle, and when I got the chicken pox without a second thought.
  25. One point in my life I had a thing for older women.
  26. I realized that it was because I couldn't have the girl I wanted.
  27. She said she didn't date guys younger than her.
  28. I am only one month and fifteen days younger than her.
  29. I used to think "sudden death" in the John Madden Football game meant that someone would drop dead suddenly, and his team had to forfeit.
  30. Only two people noticed I had a brand new pair of glasses.
  31. I missed my first day of high school, because I couldn't open my eyes.
  32. I was so tired from the night before, because we were up until 2 in the morning moving into a house.
  33. My mom actually tried to get me up to go to school that day.
  34. In case you hadn't noticed, we used to move a lot.
  35. Two of my favorite teachers had similar names. Mrs Clancy (homebase/art teacher), and Mrs. Lancy (English teacher).
  36. My first summer job was at a high school, under remodel.
  37. I was cleaning, moving and tossing that entire summer.
  38. My favorite Junk-food is Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pies.
  39. I could eat a whole box of them in a day.
  40. My favorite soda is Cherry Coke.
  41. I could drink a two liter of Cherry Coke in one day.
  42. When I was in elementary school, I barely passed each grade.
  43. I would have passed the fourth grade the first time around, if my teacher didn't convince my mom to hold me back a year.
  44. I felt embarrassed looking at the other kids that passed in the fifth grade, while I was still in the fourth.
  45. I was told that I was ugly when I was a kid.
  46. sometimes I still feel that way.
  47. I wrote a few rap songs when I was thirteen.
  48. I threw my raps through a hole in an unfinished room in a house we were renting, in the hopes that someone would find them and make me famous.
  49. The house burned to a crisp after we moved out of it, along with my hopes of becoming a rap star.
  50. I think the landlord burned the house down, because it was crapola.
  51. My cousin Chris once taught me a trick to make a home phone ring back.
  52. I used the trick as an April Fools Joke on my mom and Aunt Lori.
  53. The furthest I have ever been away from home is Alabama.
  54. I play my birthday for the Lotto "numbers" game.
  55. It never comes out until the day I decide not to play it.
  56. I wish I were closer to my dad.
  57. I wish I could find my true love.
  58. I wish to get married someday.
  59. Someday I would like to be a father.
  60. Some days I have to fight myself to get out of bed.
  61. I hate when people say I am to young to be complaining about pain.
  62. I wish those people could feel what I feel when I start walking, or standing up for a long period of time.
  63. I prefer Phazers over lightsabers.
  64. My favorite Character in the Star Trek universe is Data.
  65. Damn the person who came up with the idea to kill Data off.
  66. I once accidentally put on a pair of clean boxers and the dirty ones I wore before I took a shower.
  67. My ears don't match.
  68. No one notices but me.
  69. Sometimes I pick my lip until it bleeds.
  70. When someone hurts me, I hold a grudge for a very long time.
  71. When I am half asleep, my thoughts tend to be chaotic and irrational.
  72. My aunt Annie bought me a life sized, stuffed, Bozo The Clown doll when I was a kid.
  73. My cousins and I dismantled it with our WWF Wrestling moves.
  74. I broke my aunt Annie's radio when I was a baby.
  75. She will never let me forget this. LOL
  76. I can be an impatient person.
  77. I am the second most clumsy person on Earth.
  78. although I seem like a loner, I really want to be around people.
  79. Although I have lived in Rochester most of my life. I wasn't born here.
  80. Blue and red are my favorite colors.
  81. Blue represents peace to me.
  82. Red represents the struggles in my life.
  83. I once walked to (1.86 miles) and from (1.86 miles) work during a blizzard.
  84. I worked 12 hours that day, and then I turned around and did it all over again the next day, but this time there was nearly two feet of snow on the ground.
  85. I had three learner's permits before I finally got my driver's license.
  86. I used my bad foot as motivation to get my license.
  87. I spent nearly $1000 on driving lessons.
  88. The first book I ever read with chapters in it was Charlotte's Web.
  89. My first born Nephew is named Jalani.
  90. My favorite NBA player of all time, is Patrick Ewing.
  91. My favorite Rapper is Rakim.
  92. My favorite Singer is Amel Larrieux
  93. When her album braverbird came out, all of my pain and sorrow went away for 46 minutes and 49 seconds.
  94. I used to like the way paper bags tasted.
  95. I didn't help my sister Chandra take her tricycle upstairs and she fell down the stairs with it.
  96. It's one of many things that I regret.
  97. My favorite season is the spring.
  98. I find I am more calm and collected during the winter.
  99. Sometimes I get lost in the stars.
  100. I hope to find peace someday.


Chris said...

David, the kid who lives behind us has a Green Machine. I always thought that they were the "Ferrari of Big Wheels" when I was a kid. If you think they were fun when you were a kid, you should see what a 13 and 15 year old can do on one!

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Da Gal said...

Charles - this is a most excellent list.

#77 - does this allow me to be the #1 clumsiest person in the world? Because I am.

#88 - Loved that book. I think I just gave away my childhood copy last summer.

#4 - what is a hook slide? Is that where you ride real fast, the best is into a smidge of sand on the road, slam the brakes on and whip around?

#10 - OUCH!!!

#17 - loved atari (pong, space invaders, ET, pole racers)

#25-28 - don't give up on us older gals yet! She obviously didn't know how to accept a good thing when she had the opportunity to have it!

#31 (and many others) made my heart twinge for you

#48 - glad you have dreams. don't give up on them yet.

#57-58 :sigh: I can relate

#100 - I believe it might be lurking in your heart - waiting to be tapped.

Again... wonderful list charles. Thanks for bring brave and sharing so much about yourself. Meg

DesLily said...

Goodness did you sit and write all this at once?? no way can i come up with 100 things~! lol.. hey my kids had Big Wheels too!!

We had field rats in the first house i remember living in too!! they are BIG !

Wow.. you remember the first book you ever read..hmmm.. i remember some books from the stone age when I was a kid but couldn't say what the FIRST one ever was...

hey.. have a great easter Charles!

Ari said...

I never had a big wheel. Dang, sounds like I missed out. If I had to walk that far, I'd be exhausted. I'm seriously lazy. ;)


Judith HeartSong said...

I think you are a spectacular person and this was a brave post. judi

The Dark Lord Omz said...

Bro. You kick more ass than a donkey. However, Green Lantern is much better than Spider Man. HA!

Gabreael said...

I have enjoyed your blog. I am however taking a break from blogging.

Have A Great Summer!


Chelle said...

WOW you have big font! hehe

Bluwave said...

Fun facts here. I too had one of those nifty calculators, though I wish I kept mine. It would be fun to break the Little Professor out in my college math class.

X. Dell said...

In some of these numbered entries I could swear I'd been living some of your life--especially with the moving, the great works going up in smoke, and our mutual observation that paper bags taste kinda good.

* I never had a Big Wheel. I'm envious.

* My first dog was a few months older than I, and died shortly after my seventeenth birthday of old age. In that respect, I don't envy you at all.

* Most of my friends had big heads. They didn't break my bike. They did, however, break into the house and stole my stereo.

* I like Cherry Coke too.

* Like you I prefer Trek over Wars

* Data is definitely in my top five, but he's got competition in Spock and Cisco.

* My favorite rapper will always be Grandmaster Flash.

* My favorite basketball player will always be Oscar Robertson

(What can I say? I'm older than you.)

Best of luck with your foot.

Da Gal said...

I know you're taking the week off Charles. I Hope that the week is going well for you and that your foot is healing.

You're in my prayers.

Take care and I look forward to your return when you are ready.

Journally Yours, Gem ;-) said...

Hi Charles,
how are you? you know, I got to know you a little bit more through this 100 things...I think you're an interesting person!
are you here in Blogspot permanently? matter, I signed up to your list anyway.
Take it easy okiedokie?
Have a wonderful weekend,
Gem :-)

Kelly said...

I hope you find peace someday too, my friend

tfg said...

The Green Machine was the bomb. If I recall correctly, it had the two steering levers that allowed you to do 360 degree skids. I didn't know they still made them.