Monday, April 03, 2006

My new Nemesis is Dumb and Lost

Last month I wrote a post about my Grandmother's fur coat being ripped to shreds by squirrels. Well I went to take a look at my spring/summer clothes that were in my closet, and I noticed that my shirts have fallen victim, some claws and big teeth. Well I don't really care about the dress shirts, but my black Nike T-shirt is ruined. It look like Mcgruff the Crime Dog took a bite out of crime or something. I didn't have that many T-shirts to begin with and now this. All I got to say is MOTH BALLS it is! I don't care about being humane, I don't care if the squirrel eats them and die. All I care about is whether or not, I will have to deal with that same smell the last time something crawled up in my walls and dropped dead.

You know how they say, that there is no such thing as a dumb question. Well yesterday after the pharmacy closed, a woman called and asked if the pharmacy was open. I told her no, and then She asked me what time it closed. I told her 3pm. So then she goes to ask me to connect her to the pharmacy anyways. (I thought to myself) Ummm...{{{HELLO}}}, I just told you that they were closed. So then I proceed to tell her that no one was there, and then she gave me an attitude and sad bye and hung up. I laughed it off, but sometimes I get some of the dumbest and obvious questions when I am at work.

It's amazing how after awhile something gets boring. Then you realize you miss it, or something like a new gadget reminds you of a feature of some sort on the item you were bored with. Then you go to look for it and you find that you've lost it or it's missing. Which unlocks a ton of frustration. Okay there is this webcam that I bought in 2001 when I was in Charlotte, NC. My Aunt had the internet, and the Yahoo messenger on her computer. I bought the webcam, so my brother and my sisters could see me, and I could wave hi to them and such. I also bought it to chat with my friend. Well when I came back to Rochester, I found that I had no use for it. Recently I realized that I have a broadband connection (FASTER). Well actually I already kind of new that part subconsciously. When I logged on to the Yahoo Messenger one night last week, I looked the menu options and I noticed the webcam feature. I was like, "Oh Yeah I forgot about that". So then I clicked the webcam button, and noticed the "Super Webcam" feature. (Broadband, Super Webcam, Broadband, Super Webcam) I put two and two together and I was like, "OH YEAH, I got a not so new toy to play with". I have the webcam near my computer, and I went to plug it in and log on, but the messenger couldn't find it. It turned out that I deleted the software for my webcam awhile back, and I forgot about it. So I went upstairs and looked for the disk and I couldn't find it. (JOY) After awhile I just gave up and went to bed. What a tease! I wonder what else I will end up desiring for that I can't find?


Gabreael said...

Speaking of which one year I poured moth balls into my winter storage trunk. Man did I pay for that. Never use moth balls. They are too strong.

DesLily said...

you can always put peanuts on the bottom of your closet ..that way the squirrel will grab one and run outside to hide it and not chew your shirts up..heh.. no, huh?

gee and here i thought not being able to find something "i know i have" was an affliction of my age! lol

Chris said...

If you don't care about being humane, go with a rat (not mouse) trap with a nut bar for bait. No more Rocky.....

Oh yeah....did you check the closet for mysterious moose footprints? Damn Bullwinkle.

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