Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Picture Tag

Okay I feel like blogging again. Probably not as much as used to, but I'll come around.

Ari, you tagged me. I promise to get you back, soooon!

Here is what I have to do:

One picture of something you made
One picture of a gift someone gave you
One picture of something strange
One picture of something with a pig (Why a pig? Why not?)
And one picture of something unique

First up!

Something I made:

My first year of middle school, I had to take home economics. Not only did I learn to cook, I learned to sew. I sewed buttons, I learned different types of sewing (I don't remember the the fancy stuff anymore). Anyways, I got to sew something that had to do with football, and in my favorite colors too.

Still kicking 17 years later.


Picture of something of something given to me:

This is one of my baby toys. In fact its the only one I have. It's my squeaky lion. It will always go where I go. Maybe I will pass it on someday.


Something strange:

I bought this at a dollar store one day after me and my friend finished watching a movie. It's only strange because of what it says....

Well they do! LOL


A picture of something with a pig:

This comes straight from my first born Nephew Jalani. It's on his Mobile Crib. Everyone welcome....


And Finally something Unique!

It's definitely unique because only some of our family members have it. I'd be surprised if any of my family other than my Mom, my Aunt Terri, my Aunt Cyndi and myself still have theirs.

It's a book that my Aunt Terri made from our Family Reunion in 1999. My Aunt Terri and my Aunt Cyndi worked hard to put it together. I only wish that I would have spent more time with them instead of staying in the hotel room. Don't get me wrong I went to the events, but I didn't go swimming with the family at the hotel pool. I didn't get to know my family on my Grandmother Emma's side (Smart). I wish I had. Still I got to spend some time with my Aunt Cyndi (My favorite aunt as my Aunt Terri put it). Actually I love all my Aunts. My aunt Cyndi is like an older sister to me. I feel like I could tell her anything.

Inside there is something else that is unique. It's the only picture that I have of my late Uncle Clifton Smith Jr. (We called him Junior.) He died in a car Accident on May 11th, 1997 (Mother's Day) (Rest in peace Uncle Junior). Uncle Junior. Left behind two kids, Brandon and Jesse. I haven't seen them since his funeral. I didn't get to see them much at all. Only when my mom or one of my aunts would drive to out to see them. I think they lived in a town called Williamsville or Williamson (don't remember exactly) The only memory I have of my cousins, is Brandon holding my hands and doing back flips off of my legs at my uncle's funeral. I miss them! I don't know how there doing, if they are alive, there condition, how much they've grown. I don't know anything, and the only picture I have of them is the one in our family reunion book. I don't know how we could have lost contact like that. It's almost like they dropped off of the face of the Earth. They are the most important things left of my uncle Junior that is tangible, and we haven't any clue as to there location. They are definitely older now. I can only imagine how much they have grown.

I guess I can tag someone. I tag
Gem, if she wants to do this tag. Unless you already have done this Gem.


Ari said...

Oh that football is just precious! You're so adorable, Charles. I love your pics... The strange thing is that your family has a "Smith/Smart" family reunion and my last name is Brocksmith, while Chris' Aunt's last name is Smart. Ok so Brocksmith and Smith aren't exactly alike, but I'd like to think that somehow this makes us related. Somehow.


Kelly said...

Ah, the invisible cyber tag. Luckily for me I never feel obligated to do those crazy things! (giggle) Great pictures though.....and the whips and chain thing - i'm thinkin WAY TMI !

Charles said...


Jod{i} said...

Oh My Whips and chains eh Charles??? My wholesome view of you just went askew!!!!!!!

My my my!

LOL ;)

Gabreael said...

I cut back on my blogging as well for the summer. I am just reading here and there. I post daily in my diet journal to keep me on track and at Eastern Paranormal once a week to update the group. I will probably go back to my Gabreael journal in the Fall. There is only so many hours in the day!


ChasingMoksha said...

I have been wanting to do this but been too lazy. I have the pig, but not the rest.

Love the lion!

Da Gal said...

This is great Charles - your story and pictures really wove together well and helped me learn more about you.

I might have to tag myself with this post.

:) Hope you find the kids someday.

Chris said...

Ha ha ha ha at Jodi's comment. Doesn't she know that you have to watch out for the quiet ones? They are always the freakiest:)

Great pics you manly sewing fiend you!

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X. Dell said...

Pretty original response to one of those silly tags. I think I'm going to adopt Kelly's approach, and not respond to future ones.