Thursday, April 13, 2006

Picture This!

Picture This:

Picture me leaning back in a green office chair with wheels, leaning all the way back in it. In front of me is a lightly wood colored piano stool, with a pillow on top. On top of that pillow is two size 12 feet resting comfortably, because one of them is hurting, and needs to be loved. Especially since about four hours ago some gauze was stuck to the sore on my right ankle. I was complaining and praying to God like a little baby, because I couldn't get the stupid thing off without screaming like a little girl. God answered my prayers, thank goodness. I had to go to our bathtub and rinse my foot in water, and the gauze finally came off. Then I resumed being the Manly Man Charles, after I said thank you God. Guess where my keyboard is, they rhyme with pegs.

Picture this:

I once did a post on my AOL Journal on gripes, and one of my gripes was and still is people who don't wash there hands after using the lavatory. There is this woman that comes in once and awhile (well actually she has been in the last two days) at my job. You want to know how you can tell when she has to go to the bathroom? It's the clearest sign in the world, She puts her hand in between her crotch. Clearly she has to go badly, but instead she chooses to come scratch instant lotto tickets, as if she thinks she is going to miss the big winner or something. I don't know what's worse, the fact that she does this, or the fact that I take her little winning tickets from her and cash them in. It's a good thing we have hand sanitizer up there!

Picture this:

My mother, well she has been buying this wrap called a Gyro Pita for some years now. She never offered me any, and when I asked her to let me taste she told me to get my own. Knowing that I don't have a car, she said this. I couldn't believe that she wouldn't share with her first born, especially when she taught me to share (it took forever though). I mean I wanted to try it so badly, I could taste it. I think she gave my brother Jevon some of her Pita before. Come to think of it, she gave Ablah some before too. I felt left out and I so desperately wanted to try it for myself. You know, like the kid that sees little Timmy with a Hot Wheels so he wants one too! Finally I asked her to take me to get some Gyro Pitas for myself, and mother dearest says okay. One year goes by and I ask her again. A couple of months more go bye bye, and I ask her one more time. Finally we go to the restaurant and I get two Gyro Pitas, and the I have to wait 30-45 more minutes because my sister Ablah and my mom wants Chinese. I bit my tongue and then I joined in and bought some Chinese food too. When we finally got home, I couldn't wait to inhale that thing like people do air. You could mop the floor with the amount of drool dripping from my mouth. You'd think they made gold edible or something. In the end though it turned out to be fools gold. The Gyro Pita tasted good, but it didn't taste GREEEEAAAT! I was expecting more, but I got a "yeah well". I got more of a buzz out of my shrimp fried rice. It's been awhile since I had Chinese food.

Picture This:

Picture me walking around the Thunder Plains in Spira. Battling fiends with my awesome sword skills and my Blitzball Uniform. Not only that, but I am also searching for treasure, and Cacti while listening to some cool music that seems to be everywhere that I walk. All of this while I am trying to dodge 200 lightening bolts in a row (Ari corrected me. No wonder I gave up on it. LOL), so I can get my friend Khimari his legendary weapon. "I know it's selfish, but this is my story!" Who am I? (I'm not Charles LOL)
Take a Guess! Pleeeaseee.


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Charles said...


NO! Not him.

Gabreael said...

Happy Easter!


Chris said...

Did you get the cucumber sauce with your gyro wrap? I love those, but have only had two cause there's no good ones around here.

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Ari said...

I hate to disappoint you, sweetheart, but you gotta dodge lightning bolts TWO HUNDRED times in a row to get the upgrade for Khimari's final weapon. Fun fun!!
(Ari's helpful hint of the day: Play at night with all the lights off. The lightning flashes before it strikes, so it's easier to see with all the lights off.) Probably the most tedious sidequest of all time.

Gyros rock, man. I love those. But you can only eat them on pita bread. Nothing else.

Love the music. Oh btw, I have the walkthrough to both X and X-2, so if you ever need to know anything, let me know. ;)


Da Gal said...

Hmmmmmm gyros with tzatziki sauce. Nummy. We have a market here called Bills Immported foods that is owned by a greek family. I can buy a whole brisket of gyro meat for about $10 and some fresh, still warm from the oven pitas... Mmmmm I think I might have to go buy some today.

hope your foot feels better soon.