Sunday, May 20, 2007

This was like a Barbara Walter's Interview

So theres this meme going around, if you want the person to ask you five questions, you just say, "Interview Me". Since Chelle had Chris interview her, I decided that Chelle would get the chance at being Barbara Walters. At first I hesitated to say "Interview Me", because I wasn't sure what I was getting into. Now I know! These are some tough questions...Sort of.

1. Is there a certain scent or sound that sparks a good memory from you past? If so, what.

I swear I had this question before, it must have vanished into the abyss or something. At first I didn't think that I had any good memories. I had a pretty rough childhood. There were some good memories, but I guess there is only one batch of memories that matter. I guess this would fall in the category of sound and sight. Whenever I am playing a video game I think of when my brother and I would play. Whether it was co-op or against one another, it was fun. Now we don't get together as much so its at least nice enough to have those memories...Like this one.

2. How did you come to like, forgive my speeling, amrel lemuex?
(Its Amel Larrieux! You did that on purpose Chelle grr...) lol I could go look at yer blog to speel her name correctly. When was the first time you heard her?

If it wasn't for the (in my opinion) the bad direction that rap took, I would have never started to listen to R & B. So eventually I started listening to Mariah Carey. Eventually Mariah changed her type of music, and I lost interest in her. In 1995 I was on the verge of giving up on music and then one day I turned on the TV to watch MTV. A video countdown was on. What are the chances that the first video that I saw restored my faith in music and give me a new favorite singer...Not to mention some damn good music. Before Amel became a Solo Artist, she was a part of a duo (With producer Bryce P. Wilson) called Groove Theory. The first song released on their debut album was called "Tell Me". It was also their first music video too. Not only did Amel's singing and beauty catch my attention, but her hairstyles did too. You see in the video "Tell Me" she had two different hairstyles, and everytime they would show her wearing the second hairstyle, I would think that she was another woman. I thought Groove Theory had more than one woman in their ranks. It turned out that I was wrong. And if that didn't make me her fan, the fact that the MTV VJ thought the same thing, clinched it. (Tell Me if you want me to, give you all my time, I wanna make it good for u, cuz u blow my mind, I promise Girl that I'll be true, ur the perfect find, so Tell me if you want me to)

3. You have been doing so well with your goal to eat better. Are you this way with all goals you make for yourself? Is your willpower this strong at all times? Or was there a time you did not follow through and regret it?

HAH! I wish! I made a lofty goal on purpose, just so I could stop myself from eating sweets (kind of as a way to trick myself). Mainly the the BIG THREE (Reeses Peanutbutter Cups, Oreo cookies, and Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pies). I ended up eating those TV dinners that I said I wouldn't, and I also had a milkshake, and some nachos with cheese, oh and two pieces of small candy from Japan (I was curious). Other than that I am doing fine. To put it in a nutshell, I am NOT good with all of my goals...Gosh NO. In fact I have been trying to get a car for the last seven years to no avail. My willpower...I have no willpower. To prove it, I'll have a Jedi do a mind trick on me. Seriously though, I may not have strong will power, but when a crucial time comes, I do step up and get some serious determination, and when that happens...Watch OUT!

4. You are such a great uncle. What age do you think is too old to become a parent for the first time?

First let me say thanx for the compliment! Personally I think as long as a person has enough life in them to raise a child and as long as a person has the energy and the patience to take the role as a parent, than I think a person at 60 could become a parent. Heck I read in a paper awhile back that a 65 year old woman gave birth to a healthy baby. So HEY more power to her. So whether its by giving birth or adopting, what I think doesn't really matter where a potential parent is concerned. Let me just add that there are so many children out there without parents that need love and attention. Sure there are infants, but there are also young children that need adopting. They deserve love too.

5. How do you feel about interracial relationships? Have you ever been attracted to a vanilla chic? Heck even any othah flavor?

Hey it was supposed to be five questions, your sneaking in bonus ones into this interview. Wow this is an interesting question. I have never been asked this before in blogworld...
First let me just say, that for the rest of my life I will be a African American, or a black man...or another word, that I choose not to say. For the rest of my life I will be stared at when I go somewhere where I don't fit because of the color of my skin. For the rest of my life, there will be some people from different races that will walk by me and either feel hatred towards me, or feel intimidated by me. One day I was with a friend, she is vanilla (as you cleverly put LOL). We went to a mall and ate at a friendly's restaurant. I can't tell you how many stares we got, while we were there. Not to mention the fact the waitress didn't serve us in a timely matter. It made me feel so uncomfortable. So unwanted, but I sat there, and you want to know why, my friend sat there with me. She didn't care what they thought about us. We aren't even in a relationship, we are just friends. They just made an assumption. So what I'm saying is YES, oh yes. As long as she (NO matter what her ethnicity is) is willing to be with me, than the sky is the limit, and we can fly over the unsteady eyes together. Yes I have been attracted to "Vanilla Chics" before (still am, and always will be attracted to them). Vanilla, caramel, chocolate, cocoa...I love ice cream! LMAO. Yeah I have, and I think I have been shot down by a woman of every ethnicity. For the record I have bad luck when it comes to women. I always end up being "just a friend". I'm thinking its because of the geek in me. I could go on with this a little further...about relationships in general, and whether or not I'm ready to be in one, but you didn't ask...HAHA.

If you are brave enough to play….
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Chelle said...

wanna make a swirl? ROFL

X. Dell said...

(1) Um, if you can count all the times you've transgressed your regimen, you're probably doing very well. Keep it up.

(2) Nothing wrong with having equal opportunity lust. Interestng story about the mall.

Jeff said...

Good, well thought out answers. Race is much more complicated than it has to be. (sigh)

Chelle said...

HEY! Now that I was able to look at the video at work. I KNOW HER! LMAO! YAY!!!!!

Yowza... she is pretty dog gone hot... MEEE OOOW!

Chris said...

Great answers, Charles! I agree with 'Chelle though, you are going to be a great father and make us all proud.

California Girl said...

I was looking through blogs and came across yours. Your answers to the interview questions were very interesting. I'm going to read on.

Interview me. <: )

Jod{i} said...

Wow! Great answers Charles! Incredible insight!
Oh and btw---Geeks are cool! ;)

I think I done tagged you last week...