Thursday, May 31, 2007

For Jodi

Actually this should be called, "Jodi Tag", but Naaaah! I didn't even notice the tag until she gave me the heads up, and even then I still managed not to do it until now. Lets just say i'm not a morning person. In any case Jodi, I don't know which one you tagged me for, so I will do them all.

First Up

a. I will write 10 interesting things about myself.
b. Then tag 10 people.
c. If you’ve been tagged, you do your own list and tag 10 more people. (”No tag backs.”)

1. I tend not to kill bugs when I see them. (maybe i'm on a guilt trip.)

2. When my foot is bothering me and I am walking home, I tend to count as many of one particular thing as I can see before I get home, to distract myself.

3. I don't feel interesting.

4. I have a spontaneous sense of humor.

5. My astrology sign is almost on the bullseye.

6. There are days where I could hug people, and there are days where I could strangle them.

7. If something of mines broke, and it is really really important to me, I'll go out and replace it the same day if I had the funds and a way to get it.

8. When I want REALLY want something, I can't get it when I want it.

9. I have never seen a National Monument in person.

10. I saw the Twin Towers for the first time (and the last) from a distance, a week before they were destroyed.

Here are my ten people. Ronnie Bobby Ricky and Mike, Greg, Marcia, Jan, Peter, Bobby, and Cindy. LMAO

The second meme is, "Eight random/strange facts about Me".

1. When I was 13 I wrote a few rap songs. I threw my raps through a hole in an unfinished room in a house we were renting, in the hopes that someone would find them and make me famous. However it never happened because the house burned down.

My ears don't match.

3. I pick my lips when I get worried.

4. I like ranch salad dressing on my macaroni and cheese.

5. Without warning I could start lip singing one of my favorite songs.

6. I almost always feel like an underdog, so I always root for the underdog.

7. Sometimes when I am playing a video game I act out the lines along with the characters. (hey I did say I wanted to be a voice actor)

8. I still carry my MP3 with me on days I don't even listen to it as a form of comfort and as a barrier.

The 3rd and final meme. "Ten things that make life grand".

1. Sunrise on a beautiful day.

2. Amel Larrieux's songs.

3. Everyday that I can still walk is grand.

4. Walking in the rain on a bad day.

5. A great tasting Cheese cake (I wish I could have one now...Mmmmm)

6. Blogging makes me pretty happy.

7. A peaceful night where there is no noise, and no loud neighbors.

8. My Nephew's smile. His smile always makes life grand.

9. and 10 are reserved for when or if I ever will find love and become a parent, because that would make me feel the grandest of them all.

I'm not going to really tag anyone, because I may be doing some tagging on Saturday. If you didn't know some of these before now you know.

Thanx for Tagging me Jodi.


Jod{i} said...

And see that smile is you were before and now I am!

and your welcome!

Two Write Hands said...

My ears don't match either. One's higher than the other one. As a result, I learned to appreciate asymmetry. :)

DesLily said...

number 6 on the first meme is me too Charles! lol

number 2 on the last one...... oh big surprise there! not! lol

Jeff said...

Your just quirky enough to be interesting but not quirky enough to be weird.

Chris said...

1. Bugs: We try to "catch and release" when they are in our house.
3. You are more interesting than most people I know in the real world, Charles.
6. Just make sure to hide the evidence when you aren't in a hugging mood:)
10. Wow...that must really hit home on 9/11

Hilarious tag, btw

1. When you do get famous, this would be a great bit in your VH1: Behind the Music special!
3. What are you, Mr. Potatohead? You get to pick your lips? (ha!)
4. I've told you before on this are a sick, sick man. Get help, before you hurt an innocent meal.
5. Should we call you Milli, Vanilli, or just Ashlee Simpson?
6. I almost always wear underwear.
7. Ari would be proud!

1. Yep!
2. Who? ha ha
3. Great attitude

9. and 10 Beautiful.....

Jod{i} said...

LMAO...and true to form as a blond...I represent! I just got the tag to the brady bunch!

ANd dont let chris see this....He will never let me live it down!