Saturday, June 02, 2007

(Un)Meaningful Question(s)

I once got a comment telling me that I was in my element when I posed questions. So I think I will do that. I am going to try and do this every Friday. Sometimes I will only ask one question, and other times I may ask two. When I ask two questions, one will have meaning and will be more purposeful, while the other will more than likely be more on the silly yet fun side of things. If you like, you can leave your answer in the comment section of the post, or if you don't have anything to blog about and you think this is interesting, you can do a post based on my question(s). Leave me a link so I can come read though.

With that said here we go!

I can actually place this question in both categories (meaningful and silly)'ll understand why soon enough.

What would you do if you see a bug?

Sounds like a stupid question right. People in general would probably say kill it, and then there are some who'd say jump on a table and scream like a baby. I know some guys that would do this too. Anyways, like many questions that seem to endlessly pop in my head, I analyzed it from just about every angle.

When I was younger I liked looking at bugs. There were many times that I have interacted with them. I have been bit, stung, and crawled on. I have stepped on, captured and sprayed bugs. I guess now that I think about it, I have even lived with bugs.

People in general tend to look at bugs as a nuscance, and pay no never mind to them. Unless they come into contact with them. Lets say you seen an ant crawling on your counter top in your home. What is the first thing we tend to do. We get annoyed...right. We don't want any bugs crawling around in our homes. The next thing we do is grab some newspaper and smash that sucker out of existence. Its fine and all, I can understand how we'd want to keep our homes sanitary from bugs that could endanger ones health. I mean I would immediately kill a mosquito if I saw one in my home, so no one could be infected with West Nile virus. Lets change the scenery though.

Lets say you were outside and the bugs in question were outside too. Would you kill them then. They have a right to eat too don't they. Yet I see people just go and step on them without a care in the world (oh there just bugs). I wonder though, if there was some way to detect whether or not a life form has a soul, would we act differently. I know some people may laugh, but when I am walking, I try my hardest not to step on any insects. During the summer when a bee makes its way into my bedroom, I capture it in a bottle and release it outside. I just think that they have a right to exist too. If there were no sidewalks and know streets, there would still be bugs crawling and flying around us. They have to search for food too. If the roles were reversed and they were towering over us, how would we feel? I know I wouldn't want to be stepped on...would you?

In some ways I do feel like a bug though. If went and committed a crime (for example a DUI), I'd most likely be thrown in jail and given my full sentence. Unless of course I am some big celebrity or rich person that people seem to worship. Then I'd get out and have my fans sign petitions to have my sentence reduced. A crime is a crime. There shouldn't be one punishment for someone as big as the stars, and one for someone as small as a ant. If you kill someone you should go to jail for life. If you are driving while under the influence than you should serve the time given to you.

I don't care how many signatures you get, or how famous you are. If you get 46 days than that 46 days should stick (if you ask me 46 days wasn't enough). And when she gets out and kills someone under the influence then what. She'd probably serve community service unless she hit someone else famous. How do you expect someone to learn from there mistakes if you pat them on the shoulder. Treat them like a "bug". Like you treat me. Don't give them a slap on the wrist. There shouldn't be two types of justice! There should only be one!


Jeff said...

Wow, interesting line of thinking. Outside, I usually leave bugs alone. Inside, I tend to be a little more aggressive, although I have taken the trouble to catch and release.

One time, I caught a firefly and kept it in a jar. I was going to keep it there a week, but I let it go the next day because its fans signed a petition.

Galen Brannagh said...

In my heart, of course, the correct answer would be to watch it and simply exist with it. Let it do its own thing and don't interfere. Observe and appreciate. For the most part, I try to do that... unless it is a bug to which I am allergic or one that is dangerous, like a hornet. Then I do my best to get away from it. If it's in the house and I can't get away, then I'm calling my husband or the exterminator.

Randy Sexer said...

I never step on bugs unless they are not sexy enough.