Saturday, March 10, 2007

What are we saving?

Do you ever wonder if you are guinea pigs to the government. They move Daylight Savings Time up earlier from the first Sunday in April to Tomorrow March 11th. Normally I open the desk at Seven, after I get off of work at 9:30 at night. However this year I am lucky that I am closing the desk. I would have lost an hour of sleep because of DST. On top of that it takes me an hour to unwind after I get home a half an hour later from walking from work. I read somewhere that they did this as a test run. Are they trying to see how we react to losing an hour of sleep, or is it to see how fast we can recover ourselves when we are thrown a curve ball.

Either way, I just wanted to let as many people I know to set your clocks an hour ahead. Just in case you are in the same situation as me, and you have to work too.

"Spring Forward"

Update: I meant that DST is on March 11th. I'm sorry for the confusion, and it has been corrected.


Professor Zero said...

I had no idea we were getting daylight saving time today - thanks for letting me know - oddly, I had a Feeling - !

Jeff said...

The first day or two takes a sleep adjustment, but after that, I enjoy the extra daylight.