Saturday, March 17, 2007

Expression of Feeling

Words Over Time

I can't remember the last time I seen you
I can't remember the last words we said
Words between us seem to have always been far and between
Like my childhood
Words, any words I wanted from you
Where were you when I needed you
Once and awhile wasn't enough
I grew up feeling alone
Puzzled, and you still have the pieces
Wondered if you loved me
Wondered if you REALLY loved me
Wondered if I was a Burden
"I Miss You"
Remember that
I still search for those questions
The child in me still misses you
But the words, won't come out
There being held back
Are the words being held back in you too?

Accept ME!

You don't know how I feel
I really do care
I may seem cold to you
but looks can be deceiving
I have just felt so used many times
friendships just seem to be in disguise
Acceptance is one thing I need
Changing me is the last thing I want
There aren't many people out there who genuinely care
Are you one of them?
I don't need a weekend friend
I need a Real friend

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