Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Am I Blunt?

Recently it was brought to my attention that I can be blunt. I always thought I was shy and timid. When I say stuff, I usually bow down and agree to whatever somebody else is saying. But this kid at work told me that he that he likes that I say what I feel. Because I guess I wasn't feeling good, and I told him that I didn't feel like talking to anyone at the time. I told him, that, "I'm not blunt". Then I got the response of, "Yes you are Charles". He left me thinking about it.

Absorbing It!

Then Finally I came to the conclusion he was wrong. Then the week after...

Why does everything seem to happen to me at the laundromat?

I had an epiphany there. A woman came to the laundromat, to bring some magazines about her faith. She said hi to me and asked me if I would like to read one. I was sitting there in my own little world I guess and somehow I managed a response.

One word


There was no conversation afterwards. I merely continued playing a video game (or maybe being brainwashed by it), while I was in my little world.

Then it hit me, "_____ is right, I guess I am kind of blunt". I never saw it I guess. Knowing oneself is harder than knowing someone else.

Hmmm, I wonder if I am a ass too?


Chelle said...

I respect you for being blunt. I hate the "gray" areas. Black or white, period. ::smiles:: Just a lot of people can't handle it. But I can! brang it ON!

Chris said...

I thought the guy that sings "You're Beautiful" was Blunt....ha ha ha ha.

I don't know you personally, but as polite, almost timid, as you seem to be, I can't imagine you being blunt.

But learning to say "no" is one of the biggest steps I have found towards finding personal freedom.

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ChasingMoksha said...

Maybe you are blunt, I would have never came up with that word for you. I find you to be quite gentle on-line. However real life interactions may happen quicker than on-line. Blunt seems to indicate a form of vulgarity, an abrasion. One can be blunt and not be vulgar,---mean. What I think, and I am truly speaking as a pseudo-psychologist (quack) here, is that people, perhaps shy, maybe introverts, lost in their own world (as I claim to be) tend to be “short” with people. The problem is the person we are “short” with thinks it is about them, that we were mean to them, when in reality perhaps it was the best way that we knew how to come out of the introvert-ness and interact at that moment. In addition, I will add it has to do with not really seeing the necessity, or I should say appreciating the necessities of every day niceties. There are people in the world, many people, who the little chit chat, the small talk, the superficial type conversations are their form of conversations, their form of interaction, and when we do not engage the same they are taken aback, possibly insulted. Perhaps it may help to actively engage on this level. I can do it with ease but hate doing it because it seems like a waste of time. But for others perhaps I should try. Just a thought.

Jeff said...

People are complex. I am sure you are blunt sometimes, not so much, others. Whether or not you are an a$$ is up to the beholder.

Take the religious book v. playing a game example. Chelle may not find that offensive, but more sensitive types might. What matters is what YOU think. As the great philosopher Ricky Nelson said, "You can't please everyone so you got to please yourself."

Anonymous said...

No, you aren't an ass Charles! There's nothing wrong in being blunt, it lets people know where they stand with you. There's a difference between bluntness and rudeness. I think you're too sensitive to others to ever be rude! Jeannette xx