Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Lingering Book

I have been reading books now more than ever. For some reason, I have been feeling it more now than before. Maybe it's because I have been looking for something different. Who Knows, as long as I enjoy it, it shouldn't be an issue. The last two books were sci-fi adventure types. I don't know what category this new book I am reading falls under, but while I was on break at work, I decided to check out the books in the magazine aisle.

How does one pick a book? I think that is an interesting and valid question, because I sat there in the aisle for 7 out of the 15 minutes I had during my break trying to answer that question. Then I noticed a bright yellow book staring at me out of the corner of my eye. Then I looked at the title. Ironically, the title of the book is a phrase that I used to use in frustration, while I was at work on one of those "Bad everything that can go wrong and does" Kind of days. I had one of those last night by the way. The title of the book.

I picked it up, and I turned it over and like I did with Decipher, I read the premise on the back.
"What if your only fear was a lingering death? What if someone guaranteed to never let it happen, no matter what? Then what if you changed your mind?

It caught my attention, and then it made me think. What WOULD I do if I was in that situation. What would YOU do? I thought about that for awhile. I thought, "What if I became a father and I was going to slowly die from some wretched disease, would I give in, or would I fight to see my child's Graduation, or marriage? What if I found out right now that I have months to live, and my dream was within my grasp?

What Then?

If two Death Angels Approached me and told me that they would never let me suffer one single iota no matter what, I don't think I could agree to that. Sure I would suffer, but at least I wouldn't miss some of the greatest moments in my life. At least there would be laughter and smiles. I'd like to think that would be worth while.

If you haven't noticed, I have been in a bad place as of late, so you may read some negative and dark things here. Even my dreams have been kind of dark, and this book affected the last dream I had. I haven't felt that humorous Charles in awhile. I kind of miss him.


Jeff said...

Maybe I don't understand the premise. I wouldn't ever suffer? Does that mean as soon as I got some horrible terminal disease, I would just die before I suffered? Or does it mean I would never die or suffer? Hmm. . .

I wouldn't worry too much about going through a dark stage. I think, in the long run, it is healthy.

Chelle said...

Pst Charles, dark stage or not yer still one sexy hunk o man! Lot's of people have been feeling dark. If you start to act out your dark side like I have been... LOOK OUT! ::spits n snarls:: Wait, I'm actually in a good mood.... hmmm... can one spit n snarl while smiling? Let's all try shall we?


GAME ON! hah