Sunday, February 11, 2007


I'm kind of sad right now. One of my favorite managers (assistant manager) ever is being transferred to another store. He has been there for at our store for almost as long as I have.

He's cool, the hardest worker in the store, and he's a manager (<--I'm surprised about that part). If you could see the displays he puts up at our store, especially the one for Valentines Day you'd want to hire him too. Everyone at our store likes him. I have never heard any complaints about him whatsoever. Now everyone is going to miss him, myself included. Just about everyone at our store wish that we could, go where he is going. I hope the store he is going at knows how good of a manager they are getting. They better not give him no trouble, or we will come over and straighten them out (LOL).

I normally keep to myself and not express my feelings, but yesterday and today I let it be known that I feel that he should stay. But who am I to tell the higher ups. I'm just a lowly employee who wishes that he had "manager like power". Then again he has been there for seven years, and the last time he was going to be transferred, one of our previous store manager (oh yeah our store manager is gone too) asked that he stay. You don't know how happy we were to here that. But he is leaving us. Today is his last day here, and I have the Blues.

I dunno, it seems like the sunshine isn't as bright as it use to be. He truly is one of a kind and he will be missed. His replacement has awfully big shoes to fill.


Jeff said...

It sucks when you lose someone that makes work tolerable. The evil that you don't know is often worse than the evil that you know. In this case, it is not evil but good that you know and will miss. I hope it won't be too awkward for you to keep in touch.

redsneakz said...

I always worry when management starts to leave, especially ones that I like. But in this case, it's a move up for him.