Monday, February 19, 2007

Before I Forget

I don't know if it was a miracle or the fact I posted how I felt here out of frustration for what had happened to my co-worker. Whatever the reason, my co-workers baby started breathing on his own, and he also cried. This is what I was told by some fellow co-workers anyways. I prayed for a miracle for her. Maybe it is because I posted about this in my journal, whenever something happens, it totally flips and becomes the exact opposite on me within a few hours of a few days.

For instance my brother's new car was hit on the drivers side when he had the light and the other people ran there's. At first his car was going to be totaled than they changed there mind and said they would repair the damaged. Then they changed there mind again, then finally settled on repairing the car. I kept telling people on thing, and I ended up having to change what I said, over and over again.
Maybe I should just wait for the fat lady to sing next time. On the other hand babies heal up better than adults, so maybe this was a case of his body healing. Whatever the reason, I am glad that this ended up happily. I just hope that the baby doesn't have any damage to his brain.


Jeff said...

Good news about the baby! I tend to wait for the fat lady to sing. If you remember, one of my new year's predictions was that a female celebrity will die and it will be drug related. Anna Nicole Smith dies and they *think* it is drug related, but they do not have all the information yet. So I am waiting.

Chelle said...

HEY! I don't SING!

shari said...

WOw. I really hope the baby will be okay. Great news!

Chris said...

Hmmmm if that is th3e case, maybe you should write "I am NOT going to win the lottery". That way the next day, you'll win:)

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