Monday, February 26, 2007


I logged onto my blog at about 9am. I swore up and down that I would write about something in my life, and then read some of my favorite blogs within an hour. I sat down an stared at my computer screen, looking at the blank "Create a post" page. Nothing came to me, so then I decided to check on the status of two video games that I'm dying to get my hands on. Like my mind, they are still up in Limbo somewhere.

So I was sort of happy to hear my mother ask me to do her driveway for her. I am still a little stiff from working six days straight, and walking to and from work in those six days, but I was up to it. I may have complained a little, about the pain, but it was a change of pace. Especially when I almost fell to the ground while I was playing with the shovel, as I was walking down the hill that is our driveway. Now that the bottom of my mother's car is safe, I came back here and stared at the screen some more, and I realized something. It's been a week since my last post. What happened in that last week that stopped me from posting.


I bought a Nintendo DS and started playing Yugi'oh. Its kinda like chess, but better. The strategy in that game is WOW.


I have been reading a book called book called Decipher, written by Stel Pavlou

"Mankind had 12,000 years to crack the code. We have one week left."

It is a clever book. It's a great book. I have had it for a couple of years and I never finished reading it. One day I saw it while I was rearranging my bedroom for Feng Shui (or at least what I am hoping pass for it), and I decided to give it one more shot. When I got to the part that I left of at (In the Amazon where the character Maple shot the two guides) I continued to read on. The last time I read it, I stopped because of the violent nature of that scene. When I saw the book again, I realized that it wasn't the book, it was me. Whenever I see something or someone I don't like, I never give it a chance. Well based on that realization I picked up the book again and I am glad I did. It had everything from Atlantis to Nanomachines. It was awesome! The characters, the plot, even the descriptions of the things we are supposed to see. It could be a freaking movie.

I'm reading another favorite book of mines called Prey. I heard that they are making a movie about it so I wanted to re-read it as a "refresher" before it comes out. I like sci-fi stuff. If anyone has any suggestions about some other books let me know.

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