Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Recent Observations

Just a few things that I have noticed lately!

1. Whenever something bad happens people tend to find ways to take advantage of it.

For Example:

We all know about the Peter Pan peanut butter recall. But I bet not everyone knows what happens when some of the people throw their peanut butter away rather than taking them back for a full refund. (yes if you got some some of that salmonella infested peanut butter {sluuurrrrppp} take it back) If you have a garbage can then you better keep it locked up because no one's garbage can is safe from the fingers of the bums (or should I call them hobo's, or maybe the homeless either way...) We have a couple of homeless people who come to my job regularly and turn in bottles and cans that they find on the ground or in the garbage, for the five cents bottle deposit. Now, with that Peanut butter recall these two guys seem to have figured out that its some kind of gold mine or something. I don't know how long they have been doing it, but today they have brought in three jars of peanut butter. How do I know they got them from out of the garbage? How many jars of peanut butter have you seen with slime on them? I will probably see them again tomorrow. It's probably easier to search for one jar of peanut butter (retail $2.29), in comparison to 45 bottles or cans @ five cents each.

Something else that I noticed.


The Oscars! All of these people gathered there to see which movie, actor or actresses...etc is the best. Which movie is the best. Not to knock Jennifer Hudson or Forrest Whitaker because they are good at what they do, but who decides what movies are great and which are not. Whoever does, don't have the same taste as I do, or the average American. Half of the time, the movies I see nominated are movies that I haven't even heard of. I will be honest. I'm not interested in movies that are trying to be portrayed as a work of art. I like movies with explosions, one liners, and action.

"Thrill Ride"

I also like love stories, comedies, creative storylines. I will watch anything that will peak my interest, as long as it make sense. Some movies just hurt my brain (cough-Napoleon Dynamite-cough). Anyways these movies way off in wonderland get nominated and the ones I watch seem to be snubbed out as if they were something on the Jerry Springer show. All of these actors, actresses, producers, and directors are living there dream, but to put some on a pedestal and others underneath it seems unfair. Some people probably wouldn't agree with me, but I think Bill Murray deserved an award for Groundhog Day. I love that movie and it was hilarious. Has Bill Murray even won a Oscar yet...Probably not.

3 and Finally:

I see these so called experts on TV saying, "This is what people want". Or saying this the hot new colors of the year, or how fat people are, and how thin is in. Personally I'd take a 164 pound Tyra Banks any day. There not reaching out to the real consumer. It seems like they are trying to invent there own. These experts don't know what I want. They can't tell me what I want, and personally I don't think it helps either. It makes me want to change the channel, because it makes me feel like i'm not real to them. As if I don't exist? We are living on the same planet, are we not? Not everyone can afford to go to the Bahamas, eat caviar and drive a $100,000 car. The average American is probably in the range of a trip to Hawaii, eat at Red Lobster, and drive a Honda Accord. Today I watched Good Morning America and they were talking about Girls in a sorority who were kicked out because of there weight and race. Is this the kind of results that the "experts" want?


Chelle said...

I'm the bomb baby, just the weigh I am .... heh

tfg said...

They can't tell me what I want

I agree with you completely, but I think we are in the minority.

Jeff said...

I am surprised by all the obsessiveness with fluff in the society we live in.

shari said...

Charles, you are tagged from that post. :)

ChasingMoksha said...

I think they have an academy of other actors/actresses who do the voting. I have always looked at it as the winner is the person who did the most ass kissing that year or the person that will promote whatever agenda Hollywood's is trying to promote. I am sure they get it right sometimes, but the odds are against them to get it right most of the time. I refuse to watch the Oscars ever since last year's Keira Knightly nod. I mean really, WTF was that? She could not act her way out of a wet paper bag. All she does is clench her teeth and pose and they love her.

Chris said...

God, I TOTALLY agree about Tyra. I think she is at her sexiest ever right now. But it's part of the culture. People think thin is good. Not me.

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