Monday, February 05, 2007

Next Time, Carry Me Home

As he is walking to the front of the store he is thinking about what is going on outside.
As he walks to the front door he begins to tremble inside. He remember hearing how bad its going to be and he begins to get prepared. He takes a step out and oh Yeah, it is as bad as he thought.

Maybe even worse.

He hasn't even left the parking lot yet and it's already getting to him. An invisible yet intangible thing streaking across the planet at a great speed. At least it would be invisible, if it wasn't for all of the snow being carried with it. To make matters worse the temperature is about 5 degrees and dropping.


Blow after blow, gust after gust he's taking a pounding. Two coats, two pairs of pants, a scarf and a hat, and it's still bone chilling cold. Before he knows it, he thinks that he may not make it home, and he wished he had called a cab. Breathing has been a problem for him ever since he was a child. Sometimes deep breaths still didn't satisfy his need for air. Sometimes he needed more than he was getting. Sometimes it hurt to take in deep breaths he was inhaling so hard.

Now as he is walking he is getting TOO much air blown at him, causing his breathing to become erratic, making him feel as if he is going to suffocate from it.

He starts to panic.
He starts thinking negatively.
He wants to give up and just stop, but then something inside reminds him that if there is one good thing about himself. One thing he has always been able to do no matter what obstacle was in his path. He always was able to get wherever he wanted to go on foot. So he mustered together some energy and some determination and kept at it.

He gets past the halfway point to his home and he comes a cross "Snow dunes" blocking a portion of the sidewalk. They would have been a challenge for him, so the street became a new "sidewalk". He remembers how the last few times he walked in the street, cars would drive by him cautiously, partially across the yellow line, almost driving in the other lane. He laughed thinking it was unnecessary . Now as a few cars pass by him doing the exact same thing, he is pleased that they are thinking about him. Between the cars and the wind he thought, he may have ended up lying on the ground. Almost home the wind eases up because of the houses to his left. Thankfully he makes it to his nice and warm comfy abode, and thanks his lucky stars that he is still in one piece.


Jeff said...

You make me feel grateful for where I live and it has been bitter cold here!

X. Dell said...

According to the groundhog, he will only have to suffer the cold wind for a few more weeks....if that makes him feel any better.

Chelle said...

You may be fantasy football champ, but WHO'S the HOCKEY STUD!?? er STUDDETTE!??!???!??



shari said...

All in the perspective, huh?
Good lesson.

Bedazzzled1 said...

Even though I am a lover of winter, I do understand how wicked and cruel it can be. I think it balances out nicely with the beauty of the snow when the crystals are sparkling in the sunshine.


redsneakz said...

I've had enough character building, already. Bring on the daffodils, baby.