Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Oh The Torture!

Meet my new friends!

It never fails!

After I get over one ailment, another one is waiting in the wings. The pain in my abdomen is completely gone now, and I am fine with that.

Blissfully fine!

Now I have a new one!

It started with a sore throat, mid afternoon last Saturday (which happened to be my first Saturday off since June).

Then by Saturday evening I got the sniffles and some serious congestion. I couldn't breathe, so I couldn't sleep. I can never sleep when my breathing is impaired. I have to struggle just to get enough air, so it takes its toll on me, and it interrupts my sleeping process.

So I stayed up all night and I headed for work at 6am on Sunday. I got through that shift and came home. By then the next symptom revealed itself.

A fever!

Sounds like the Flu to me!

I didn't get any sleep on Sunday either, so I got up and Watched Andromeda on DVD for a couple of hours. Then I kept going up and downstairs. I was hoping that if I came downstairs, some of the pressure from the congestion would ease up. Finally at about 8am Monday, I came downstairs and lied on the couch.

Good News-I got some sleep!

Bad News-It was about an hour of sleep!

I think the only reason I got that hour of sleep, was because my mother and my youngest sister were both downstairs waiting for my sister's bus to come. This may sound strange, but having felt there presence was soothing to me, and it helped me go to sleep. The reason why I think this theory has credibility is because, when they both left, I woke up. Subconsciously, I sensed that no one was there, and I woke up.

I laid on the couch for a couple more hours until I couldn't anymore and got up and ate.

Sometimes I wonder if I am more a slave, instead of a employee. Maybe that is partly my fault though. Eventually I walked to work, with barely no energy. The only thing I was running on was fumes and determination. When I got to work, I went to the break room and and sat down. Actually it was more like collapsing, but either way...

The good part about going to work was that a customer told me about something called Nostrilla that eases congestion. I new we didn't have that at my job, but I figured that maybe there was something similar.


I discovered Zicam! I put that stuff in my nose, and the congestion was gone. I still had the stuffy nose, but that unbearable pressure was gone.

Thank goodness!

Good News-I got some sleep!

Bad News-I woke up and the congestion returned!

I got about a couple of hours of sleep last night, and when I woke up I realized that the congestion was back. I wanted to take the Zicam again, but there is a 10-12 hour waiting period in between (torture). Eventually I went and laid in my bed, and I got a couple more hours of sleep. Four hours of sleep is a heck of a lot better than one. It was a blessing compaired to that.

So I got up and went downstairs to see that I totally lost in all three of the fantasy football leagues that I am playing in (Sucks). At least I did better in the pick'em and the NFL Home Team Challenge this week.

I still feel like crap. On top of the sore throat, congestion/runny nose, and fever I have some other symptoms.

Symptoms I have had before:

  • Sneezing (which I am about to do as I am typing this)
  • Liquids tasting funny when drank them
  • affected vision
  • itchy ear and throat
  • Plugged up ears (causing impairment to my hearing)
  • Yellow Mucus (snot factory is in the house!)
New one to me:

  • Body aches when I cough or sneeze
  • Sore throat moved further down (near Adam's Apple)
I never...Ever felt pain like I'm feeling whenever I sneeze. every muscle in my upper body aches when I sneeze. It feels like they are on fire. My mother just told me that I should call in, but I feel like there isn't anyone who would want to cover me.

I guess I will be making others sick again today. I'm sorry about that, but there is nothing I can do. Sometimes I wish that there was a law preventing us from going to work ill!

Even so at least everyone on the East Coast is finally safe from the threat of a Massive Snow Storm! LOL


Chelle said...

We are getting the snow this year. YAY!

i'm sorry yer not feeling well. *long distance hug then sprays self with lisol*

Ya know you DO NOT have to WORK when you are sick. Your body is telling you to rest and let it heal.

*walks away mubling something about stubborn men*

Chelle said...

oops LYsol. LMAO

Chris said...

Poor Charles:( I hope you feel better soon!

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X. Dell said...

I think you and I have been hanging with the same crowd.