Friday, November 17, 2006

For Mom!

I'm so glad that I couldn't take part in that insanity that was purchasing a PlayStation 3!

I wanted, I wanted one badly. I'm not an aggressive person, but I would have been to get a PS3. I like video games, but I am not going to wait outside for 3 days, at a store, when there is as many as 10 systems per store. Sony should have waited until they had made about 5 million of those things. With that said, I think it was a sign for me to make a change.

Last year I made a promise, and I wanted to keep it. Then I found out that Sony was releasing the PS3. Then my selfish side began to rear it's ugly head. I had enough money to get both, but then that would mean I wouldn't be able to get a car next year (whole other story).

In any case, I realized that my selfishness was hurting me. It wasn't making me a good person. Our family is struggling to stay afloat financially and I am spending money on myself. I'm not rich, but I do help out.

We have been in this house for over ten years now. We had the same stove for that long, and it was on it's "last breath of gas". One of the burners caved in, and just about all of the switches melted off of it. Then there were the eyes on the stove that were still working (if you wanted to call it that). Some of the holes were clogged on the eyes. There wasn't any fire coming out of them. My mom wanted to buy a stove, but she didn't have the money. I wanted a PlayStation 3, but there wasn't that many. So what did I do? Well there are plenty of stoves out there, so I decided to make mom happy. I decided to buy her a new stove.

When I was a kid, I wasn't the best. I did some mean things, and I got some spankings and some stern talk from my mom. We both waited so long for each of us to do something.

She waited for me to do something unselfish, and I waited so long for her to say these words.

"You've come a long way from where you were"!

That meant so much to me. You just don't know! I know I keep my feelings to myself, but I hope she knows how much she means to me.

I love you MOM!


Jeff said...

Awesome! You have come a long way - and I haven't even known you for very long. ;)

Two Write Hands said...

Aww. You must be one heckuva kid for a mom to have! And that stove looks like Darth Vader. :) Have a good weekend.

Chelle said...

uTHAT stove ROCKS! Omgosh! The sentiment also ROCKS! ::all goosebumpy::

Perfect choice kind sir! Absolutely perfect!

X. Dell said...

I hope your mother cooked you something very nice on that new stove--something low cholesterol.

Everyone here's talking about PS3. I'm still playing with an 8-bit Nintendo.

Chris said...

This is just another reason that I am proud to know you. You are so tender hearted and most importantly "aware". Aware of your thoughts. Aware of your behavior and how it affects others. Aware of how others feel. You are going to do well, my friend.

Alexis got a call from the high school this week asking if she knew her son was absent. After the initial confusion, they figured out they meant to call the parents of Ervin Grove, not Brett Grove. Ha ha, ok, funny laugh, blah blah.

About 30 minutes later, I pick up the paper and on the front page, there was an article about kids camping out at Best Buy waiting for the PS3. Guess who is in the middle of the full size color photo....ERVIN GROVE!!! Not only that, in the article, he talked about his mom thought he was the dumbest kid in the world for doing that.

If only I had read that article before the school called us by mistake...."No, you have the wrong number, but I can help you out on young Ervin's whereabouts....head on over to Best Buy....he's in the orange tent!"

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Ari said...

I wanted a playstation 3, too. And no, I'm not getting one, either. I'll wait until they get more of them and the prices go down.

You're a sweetheart! That's a kickass stove!