Friday, December 01, 2006

Head's Up!

Before I get started let me just say, DON'T pick me, if by some chance God were to have everyone on Earth choose a person to look through there eyes to Judge Humanity.

Because of a letter that I got in the mail Monday, My faith in humanity has been shaken. I got letter claiming that I won a Jackpot! (a sarcastic Yay)

Here is what it says:


We are pleased to inform you that you are one of the declared winners of the DE-LOTTO SWITZERLAND SWEEPSTAKES held on JULY30TH, 2006 in the 2ND category. Ticket serial NO 387450146 drew the lucky winning NO38-44-66-79-91.

We have made many unsuccessful attempts to contact you regarding this winning. You are therefore entitled to the sum of $250,000.00 US Dollars. This is from a total prize money of $5 million US dollars that was shared and presented among the other 20 declared winners. Please note that all the participants were selected through a random computer ballot
system drawn from over 50,000 names.

Your claim number is DH/SUL-0011 and has been assigned to our North American Claims Affiliate. To expedite the processing enclosed is the check of $4880 US dollars which has been deducted from your winning. The sole purpose of this check is for the payment of applicable Government Taxes on your big winnings.


Please do not attempt to use this check until you call. You are advised to contact your claim agent immediately for further clarification as indicated below within 5 business days.


It may sound like it makes sense, but it doesn't. Every time I have ever seen lottery winners on TV , I have always heard of the taxes being taken directly from the Jackpot.


Why would someone send a letter in the mail, without a return address on the envelope???


I never entered any kind Lotto Contest in Canada, Switzerland or Even North Carolina for that matter.


I am a Western Union Agent (they don't know this I know). I have heard of this scam before, in fact we had and elderly woman come in and try to send the money (her own money), but our manager had her talk to a Western Union Operator.

Then there is this Check that they sent!

It says it has security features on the back, but there nothing fancy back there at all. In fact the only thing fancy about it is on the front. That gold sticker you see. If I had went and cashed this thing it, and sent the money. I would have had to pay this back. I would have been down the $4880.00, plus the $135.00 dollars to send $2975.00 to them.

I was surprised when I got this in the mail. I thought they only prey on the elderly. I am far from wrinkles, so I guess maybe they think I am gullible.

PLEASE, If you get something in the mail from Nicaragua or Canada From Mutual Financial Services or from any other "company" telling you that you won a Jackpot, don't follow there instructions. I know people hold on to hope that they will win big, but you will end up losing big time. If what I said isn't enough, contact Western Union or Money Gram first. This would save you a big time headache

I went to work Wednesday and showed it to my boss lady. She wanted to call Western Union and have me talk to them. I didn't want to, so she asked if I didn't mind if she called and spoke with them. I was okay with that, so she called them. They told her to call the police. So she called 311 for the non-emergencies. 311 ended up connecting her to 911, and they said they would send an officer.

Well five hours later an officer did arrive, and if you think I was mad about the mail I got, think again. I was more upset when the officer told me that there was nothing that could be done. She said she could file a report and take the letter and check, but eventually they would just throw them out. She said that all of it is considered junk mail. She also said something about it being outside of there jurisdiction, because the letter came from Canada

There are people out there that are being hoodwinked out of thousands of dollars just so some greedy A-Hole can fill there stomachs and pay there bills, and there is nothing that the police can do about it. Personally, I felt as if the officer didn't even care. Like she didn't want anything to do with it, and well if she is telling the truth than, our Justice system sucks.

Score one for the bad guys I guess! They seem to be winning a lot as of late, but then again my father did tell me something that stuck when I was a kid. This is Satan's system of things.


Jeff said...

What is bad is that they prey on the desperate. The people that need the money the most get burned the most. Sounds like Reaganomics, doesn't it?

Chelle said...

You can't get mad at the officer. There are so many stupid look holes you have NO idea about. I know quite a few now after having had my identity stolen, had lived next door to meth cooks, and now next door to the poor *cough* indians who get all they want and abuse the system, but are yet the victims (jerkasses) and the law enforcement officers could not do a thing about it. They are just as fed up as you and I. Trust me. There are stories that would make your head spin, I won't get into them here.

anyways have a nice weekend! LOL

Chelle said...

I meant LOOP holes not LOOK holes. LMAO @ ME

DesLily said...

It's good you posted this Charles. If it helps only one person it was worth it!

Scarey to think how many evil minds it took to do that scam.. and all the others that are out there.

Chris said...


Thanks for warning others about this. The local police really can't do anything about it. But you could forward this information to the North Carolina Attorney General's office via email. Also, the FBI has a division for dealing with fraud like this, check their website

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shari said...

That is so mean.