Friday, November 03, 2006

Why Don't We Have Tricorders?

My doctor's appointment was...Well...

I was a nervous wreck. I didn't get much sleep the night before my appointment. My mother drove me at 7 in the morning, to where the office was so I would know how to get there. Then she dropped me back off at home. As I went in the house, I decided to check my phone to see if anyone had called me. Why did I do this; I have no idea. I saw that my job had called me to see if I could work, because two of my co-workers both came down with a stomach bug. I guess they were puking up a storm. They had no one else, because the others were working on the front end. So I guess an abdomen hurting Charles is the next best thing.

I said yes --->Why did I do this; I have No Idea<---

I caught the city bus to Strong Memorial Hospital, so I could get off there and walk down to Borg Imaging. There is more than one, but this one was more convienient, because I know where the closest and most familar building (Strong) is.

I got there over an hour early, and they actually took me early too. I went to the wating room nearby the room where I was going to be scanned. They gave me two cups of this liquid that looked like Tang, and told me to drink it all. It may have looked like Tang, but it didn't taste like it. It had a funny cardboard like after-taste. After I finished drinking it, I chatted with an elderly couple about the procedure, because one of them had it done before, and she was there to get it done again. She got a red drink by the way and she said it tasted better (no fair...LOL). She tried to tell me that everything would be fine. In fact she told the nurse that was helping me that I was very nervous, and that she was worried about me.

When my time came, the nurse explained to me what the CT Scan was like. She said I would be placed on a table, and then I would be raised and then have my body put through a donut shaped machine. Funny thing is she said it would sound like a Dryer when they activated it, but to me it sounded more like one of those washer extractors at the laundrymat, during it's spin cycle. Then she went over some of procedures with me, and the possible side-effects of the IV Contrast.

Dehydration(CHECK), vomitting, (I didn't here nothing about feeling woozy) a feeling that one is urinating when they aren't, and a very very very pleasant warming sensation throughout ones body(CHECK). It was very pleasant. My crotch felt very comfy. (LMAO) The warming sensation was the fun part, but in order for me to get that pleasant feeling my arms came under fire again by the relentless forces of the Needle Republic. The nurse couldn't get it in on her first attempt, so she moved her attempt a little further down.

Honestly I panicked, because I don't like the feeling of when they put needles into my arm. They had to get me to relax, so she could get the needle into my vein. It hurts and it stiffens my arm afterwards. At one point when I was at work last night, it felt as if the needle was still inside my arm.

When we were done, they told me that my doctor will get the results in two days. If it had been something dire, i'm sure I would have been told sooner. My next appointment is on the 14th.

Crossing My Fingers!


Anonymous said...

hmmm a comfy crotch... is that like warm fuzzies? HEH

Kelly said...

CT contrast - blecht! It doesn't taste any better no matter what color it is. Sometimes, if it's been in the fridge it's not as bad. But not as bad is STILL not good! I hope they have good news for you and it's something easy to correct

Chris said...

ha ha ha comfy crotch....

but what scared me was the "feeling like you are urinating when you aren't" but I guess that beats urinating when you feel like you aren't.

hope every thing turns out ok!

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Jeff said...

Thanks for the description. Anyone that has to go through this would like to read your account. I wonder if putting Ben-Gay on your privates would give you comfy crotch? It is warm. If YOU try it, let me know. ;)

X. Dell said...

Hmmm. Sounds like you could rent a machine like that out for parties.

Get well soon.

ChasingMoksha said...

So you went into work after that procedure. Man Charles. They know that you are too nice.

I hope nothing is wrong.

Chelle said...

so like today is WEDNESDAY! fill me IN!