Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Week of Questions (Tuesday's Question)

So...Did you think about that sentence in my last post that I asked you to remember? Just in case here is what I said.

I guess it wasn't meant to be though.

Chelle who is the owner of the fantasy hockey league Pucks and Fat Lips (which I am going to win by the way), and the blog owner of Half Full or Half Empty (which I have read 1938389298383 times) asked me this question. It is a Toughie! As is Chelle's other question that is in the poll (PLUG) in my sidebar. Why not take a sec and pick the question you like me to ask.

Today's Question:

Do you believe in fate?

When my high school crush moved to Jacksonville that I thought to myself that being with her wasn't meant to be.

After I graduated high school I thought that I wouldn't live to see the age of 24.

I think fate is a tricky thing! If you are walking down the street and you bump into someone that you are attracted to, and the chemistry and whatnot is there, and you instantly hit things off, then perhaps its fate. However if you are turned down for something or by someone and you believed in your heart that it is meant to be, then is it fate?

Here I am posting this blog entry at the age of 31! I willed myself into believing that I wouldn't make it to the age of 24, in fact I contemplated suicide at one point. I felt as if I had no reason to live so I wanted it all to end. So I somehow tricked myself in to believing it would, and therefore wasted 5+ years of my life to depression.

Then there is Armageddon. "It's the end of the world". In some religious beliefs, God is supposed to bring an end to the Devil's reign on Earth. While doing this us sinners are going to be judged to see whether or not we are worthy of life or death. Whether its Heaven or Paradise! Whether it's Hell or Oblivion! One way or another the world as we know it is fated to end right?

Do I believe in fate? It depends on the circumstance!

Thanx Chelle


Anonymous said...

Aw, ya have read me 025802958208 times and I have read you 20958203598209572095809 times. ROFL

And hockey has just started young man. It is a long season and you will go down, oh yes you will. ::evil laugh::

Tigger said...

Fate is a strange thing. Everyone says "It was fate" when something bad or something good happens. It may have been. But I like faith better. I have faith that something good will happen. I lost a lot of years to depression too and it is hard to switch the always looking for negitive to try and look for the positive. Depression screws with your head a lot. And it isn't pretty ..... Glad you made it through!!!!

Tigger said...

BTW, I added you to my links

Jeff said...

Fate is the realization of a plan that has been around since before time.