Thursday, October 19, 2006

Week of Questions (Thursday's Question)

This Question comes from Judith HeartSong, home of the Heartsong Award and a very great painter. I gave her question some thought, and you know what. I still find myself thinking about it as I'm writing this sentence

Judith asks:

What is your greatest dream?

Well Judith let me see!

Well I want to be happy (everyone does, right).

I want to live comfortably (I don't need to be rich).

I want to be a father someday.

I want my nephew to grow up happy and not go through the same living conditions I went through as a child. I don't want him sleeping on a couch or having a mattress with bedsprings sticking out of it. I wouldn't want that for any or my future nieces and nephews, or any children I may have in the future either.

I want to be able to trust people!

To find myself!

To become more independent!

To be able to call my dad.

To be able to make peace with myself in regards to my dad not being in my life as much as a parent should be (I wish I could have seen him everyday, or at least talked to him).

To find the love of my life!

Judith I could go on and on with this list of things, suffice it to say that the best dream I could ever have is one without worry or loneliness, and I worry about everything, including other people, and things I have no control over.

Judith, thanks for taking the time out to answer the question.


Anonymous said...

You will make one of the BEST daddies EVER!!!

Anonymous said...

i agree wit chelle, u sound like u'd make a KA dad!

tfg said...
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tfg said...

What chelle said.

DesLily said...

here's hoping all your dreams come true!

Ari said...

Your dreams are really good ones, because they are all things you can make happen. And when it does happen, I'm gonna be so happy for you.


Chris said...

You have such a good heart, Charles. You'll make a great father.

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Judith HeartSong said...

Charles... you are a wonderful and amazing Dad... and you remind me to think positive. Thank you for that gift.