Sunday, October 15, 2006

Week of Questions (Sunday's Question)

Since today is Sunday and we all know what Sunday is about for me this time of year I have decided to answer PrivatePigg's Question first.

Actually PrivatePigg gave me the option of answering any of two questions that he asked me. Since I don't know anything about baseball (I like it some of the time), I decided to answer his other question.

The Question is:

Will the Chicago Bears win the Super Bowl?

My answer is:

With all of the talk about The Philadelphia Eagles, and how this is Donovan Mcnabb's year, I think the Chicago Bears are being overlooked. Plus there isn't anyone in the AFC to challenge them (not even the Colts). I'm going to take a word from My brother Jevon's vocabulary and say that the Chicago Bears Defense is "Beastin". There defense is brutal. The way they dismantled my Bills was surprising to me. I thought that the the game would have been a "little bit" (a teeny weeny bit") closer. I know my Bills have a below average Offense, but there Defense is pretty good against the pass, and a bit lacking against the run.

The Bears went through about seven quarter backs within the last, what four years. Then all of a sudden Rex Grossman steps up and here comes Bernard Berrian (who's that? LOL), and lets not forget about Thomas Jones. It's kind of reminiscent of when Tom Brady and the "unknowns" from the Patriots won there first Super Bowl. So to answer your question, the Eagles don't stand a chance in the NFC Championship game. Here come the Bears. Yes they will Win the Super Bowl!

Thanx for asking the Question!


Chris said...

Follow Up Question: Will the Bears release a new "Superbowl Shuffle" video???

ha ha ha, where is Jim McMahan and that funky headband when you need him.

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Charles said...

Man, I hope not!


Refridgerator Perry is scary!

Anonymous said...

um... LMAO... Coffee came out my nose when I read Chris's reply and now, I can't remember what I was gonna say...


PrivatePigg said...

AHH, now the Bears are getting clobbered by the crappy Arizona Cardinals at half time of Monday Night Football.

PrivatePigg said...

What a comeback!