Saturday, October 07, 2006

Week of Questions Delayed a week!

I was going to do the week of questions (Read Previous Post) next week, but I only got six questions, and one of them was anonymous. So I decided to put it off until the week beginning October 15th, because I am hoping for at least 10 questions so I can put some of them in a poll. If you got a question you want to ask me. You something about me that you want to know about, or my opinions about something, ask away.

I think postponing it is a good idea in regards to my health to, as I have been feeling a fatigued as of late. I need to get back to eating healthy. I have an idea how too!

Until then I will be catching up on everyone's blogs and such.

"Own the Day"


~Shro~ said...

your blog caught my eye when i read "rochester" i'm from rochester, michigan. Anyway, have fun eating healthy and i hope you get some of your energy back!

Anonymous said...

How do you feel about interracial dating or marriage?

Do you think I will EVER win a fantasy football game? hehe

How do you eat a reeses peanutbutter cup?

Do you believe in fate?

Do bugs feel pain when you pull their legs or wings off one at a time?

Have you ever eaten a bug on a dare?

Have you ever had your eyebrows shaved while you were sleeping?

Have you ever sharted? ROFL @ ME

There, NOW you have many questions! I have MANY MANY MORE! But, I don't wanna be a question hog ya know... hehehe

Tigger said...

I love the colors on your blog.... I found you through Omar's. And I noticed that you commented on Bobby's as well. I am the nut who got Bobby started on the blog thing.... Tawnya