Friday, October 20, 2006

Week of Questions (Friday's Question)

This question comes from X. Dell, owner of the blog, The X Spot.

Perhaps this is a loaded question, but I would be curious to know if you think racism in cyberspace is worse, equal to, or not as bad as racism in real life.

Real Life Racism

I have experienced it in real life before. I posted the experience (ironically in a question meme) on my AOL journal, but I can post that portion of it here.

1) What's the worst thing you've experienced as a black man living in New York?
When I was about 16 my mom and I were in downtown Rochester at the mall (its called Midtown). She invited me to the mall to have lunch with her and we were walking to CVS to get something, and a white (forgive me I don't really like using skin color) elderly woman was walking toward us and as she was walking by she said (forgive me for being a little blunt) a Bitch and a Ni*** and then she started laughing as she passed us. I was very angry, she called my mom a bitch and I felt that she disrespected her so I turned to...I don't know, but my mom yanked my arm and looked at me as if to say its okay. I was angry, and very sad at the same time, but I had to eventually let it go, because, I am gonna have to deal with it for the rest of my life. Its getting easier with time!

I have had a few other experiences as well. One of which happened while I was at work. It's not what the man said, it was how he treated me. It was as if he thought I was a lesser being than him. The manager pissed me off when she went well out of her way to help that customer too. I walked away pissed, and I went to a storage area to collect myself. I was going to quit, but a friend and a former co-worker convinced me to stay.

If someone detests me because of the color of my skin (which by the way we as a people have NO control over) than there is nothing I can do about that. They have there opinion and I have mines. I can't say that it doesn't bother me (it does), but I won't let someone's opinion on race have control over me. There is hate everywhere, and not only is it based on color or "race", but it's also hatred towards people who have different religious beliefs, and sexual preference. I don't have it in me to hate someone, even if they hurt me in some way. I will forgive, but I won't forget.

Online Racism

As far as racism online, I have never experienced it or had to deal with it. I heard that the KKK has a website online, but I won't humor myself to go and find out if it's true. I will stay in my neck of the woods and hopefully anyone who hates me based on my skin color will stay where they are.

Let me end this post by quoting my three favorite words when it comes to me not wanting to know when some kind of disaster ends the world (nuclear war, asteroid collision).

Ignorance is Bliss!

Thanx X.Dell


DesLily said...

as far as I know, there isn't a race that hasn't had some sort of racism thrown at them. And I agree that it hurts like hell when it happens, and makes one angry and want to lash out. It seems to me that there are some in every race that just can't live and let live, and are closed to any possibility that no matter what the color/ religion/ sex/ or age, to give a person a chance to find out if they are a good person or not... pretty sad.

Jeff said...

It is my job to investigate and go after those who discriminate in the areas of housing, employment and public accommodation. I have found that it isn't the minority that should be pitied but the offender. What a horrible way to go through life - to be filled with arbitrary hate, no?

Ari said...

I'm sorry you've had those experiences. It's sad that people act that way and treat others like that. Don't let it get to you. You know you're a good person. That's all that really matters.


Anonymous said...

They are all just a bunch of jealous assholes. Just look in the mirror. You are absolutely perfect.

That is what I was always told when I heard this growing up every day of my life by some older man or other boys..

"no man will ever be stupid enough to marry a redhead, you are evil"

Well, you know what!! Now they all BOW TO ME cause I KNOW I'm all that. Just like YOU are! I would give anything to have the nice yummay suckable lips and beatiful skin you have. MMMM MMMM Oh and some of them booties... one day one day... hmmm booty transplant for me?

::goes to ponder::

Chris said...

Sorry, I'm not going to even mention your "suckable lips"...oh crap...I just did. Damn Chelle:)

I think that there is less racism online, only because it is less obvious or even impossible to deteremine someone's race online. On the other hand, I think there is a lot more nastiness and hate online in general. I think people post things in message boards about other people that they would NEVER say in a face to face situation.

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Anonymous said...

There are so many levels of racism, that it's astounding sometimes... I too have encountered "the redhead thing"... (In Romania, having red hair and pale skin is the mark of Judas Iscariot, who was said to have the same... Hence, red hair+pale skin=evil... Intelligent huh...?) I've also been subject to the "asian devil" thing... And oddest of all, racism from non-caucasians who think I look *too* caucasian and shouldn't be "allowed" to call myself mixed race...

Racism of any kind is at base the fear of anything/anyone different from yourself... "They look so different, they *must* be bad/lesser/evil!" And so I pity the people who react that way to me, because it's *them* that has the problem, not me...

I may be a "reverse racist" though... *laughs* I have always found my Rom (gypsy) and Mongolian relatives to be prettier people as a whole than my caucasian relatives... ;) Or maybe that's an aesthetic judgement...

On another note: I'm sorry I missed my chance to ask you a question... I have a number of ones I'd love to ask you... But perhaps I shall borrow (steal) your idea and let people ask *me* questions... Then you can put me in the hotseat to make up for it... :)