Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Cast Members

Charles: Me-Oldest sibling

CC: Second Oldest sibling/oldest sister

Sequel: Second oldest sister*

Prequel: Youngest Sister*

*Okay Sequel is older than Prequel, but if you think about it in the "Star Wars" sense, then you will understand why I gave them those names.

If there is one thing that I hate in this world, it's Drama

I don't want no drama for your mamma, I don't like drama queens, I don't like drama kings. If it were up to me there wouldn't be any dramas on TV.

Why do some people feel the need to put emphasis on things that aren't bad to begin with. You want drama-Here I have some Drama for you!

Now that my siblings are getting older they are starting to do things that are, well a bit questionable.

If there is one thing I hate its sneaking. I know I am sneaky, and if I have to I will have a plan laid out with an escape route, but when someone else is trying (trying being the key word) to be sneaky with me nearby, it really irritates me.

If there is one thing that my step-father and I agree on, its that we don't trust the friends that my two youngest sister's have.

4 months ago!

One night the Sequel invited her friend over to stay the night. I wake up in the middle of the night, and I go downstairs to use the...Make a donation. As I am walking out of the donathroom (you know I have some pretty good hearing) I hear a conversation going on in my Sequel's room. It's not coming from two girls, its coming from a boy and a girl. So I decide to go back into the bathroom and I sit there to see if anyone comes out of the Sequel's room. No one budges, so I go downstairs and low and behold, Sequel's friend is downstairs with some boy in our living room. What do I do? I decide to go online with our computer to annoy her. She tells me that she is trying to sleep. I tell her sorry, and then her and the boy sneak upstairs to the Sequels room. Shhh...I think she thought that I didn't know.

The Sequel lets her friend's boyfriend out of the house, while I am on the computer still (one down), however the other boy remains. Eventually I get off of the computer and I sit in the kitchen in a chair until morning comes. I left out the part that made me stay up until the morning. It really, really pissed me off. Lets just say that if you were in my place, and you saw what I saw, you probably would have flipped out.

Morning comes and I am hidden on the side of the refrigerator, sitting in a chair so my sister can't see me (I told you I am sneaky). I hear her check the computer room to see if I was there. When she finds out that I am not, she gives the "Dead Man Walking" the all clear to come downstairs so he could leave. As they go out the kitchen door that leads to the exit door outside, I get out of the chair and I confront them. She was shocked, and the boy was scared, and I was in a rage from hell. I don't know what kept me from ripping his head off, but whatever it was (guardian angel perhaps...his or mines) kept me in check. She didn't explain herself, and when I brought up what the part that kept me up until morning, she said it had nothing to do with them. I let the boy go, and told her to never bring him here again, and I told her that she is disrespecting mom. After that I let it be. I didn't ever tell my mother, because she...well she...her health. I ignored the sequel for a few weeks until I could get over what she did.

Last month

Prequel invited her friend over! I was upstairs in my room watching some TV, when all of a sudden a familiar smell begin to creep up to my room. Eventually it became stronger and stronger, until I couldn't take it anymore. So I went downstairs to see where it was coming from. It was coming from the Prequel's room. I open the door without knocking and I ask what is up. Prequel said, "Nothing", but I did notice her friend cautiously and sneakingly trying (key word again) to put the top on the prequels shoe cleaner can.

Kids and Aerosol cans don't mix! Parents don't allow your kids to have access to them without your presence.

After the Sequel's events and all of the other events that happened I didn't want to be the bad guy. So I went downstairs to CC and asked her to go upstairs and investigate. She was hesitant herself, but she did, and lets just say that she wasn't any help. When my mother came home, I told her, and I left it alone.

Last week

I don't know what was said, because I wasn't outside. I do know what happened though. I heard a lot of yelling and a lot of screaming, from my attic bedroom. I come downstairs hearing CC yelling at my mom and The Prequel. I hear the prequel crying, and when she comes in the house, she has a red wring around her eye. CC punched prequel in the eye for saying something. I stayed out of that one, I wanted NOTHING to do with it. I let my mother handle it and that was that. I'm surprised that Prequel didn't get a black-eye. She was lucky! Whatever she said, I bet it was very Harsh. Sometimes her big mouth gets her into trouble. Prequel is only 11 years old and she is one of the biggest Drama Queens I have ever met. I miss the old Prequel, the one that was mature for her age. I guess she just "grew up".

There....There is your drama, you Drama Eaters. Does this satisfy your appetites? I just get tired of hearing how Person A has Slept with Person B's Boyfriend, or how someone has spread this nasty rumor about someone around. It's CRAZY and now people do this over there cell phones. Just last night, I saw something unusual. Twin Girls...Teenagers on Cell-phones walking out of the store talking about the drama in there lives (aloud).


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