Friday, December 08, 2006


It was 14 minutes until I had to leave work,
This woman came in, said something that hurt

Told me that it was cold outside and it was going to get worse,
"The low will be 14 degrees" as she is riffling through her purse

Processing my 14th bill was the last thing on my mind,
I didn't bring my scarf, and the wind is being unkind

My friend is complaining about her stupid engine,
it has to get warm, before she can begin,
her drive home, but I don't see why she's complaining,
I don't have a car so my patience is wearing thin.

"Don't you have a remote control starter",
"Yes, but somebody will steal my car"

At least you have a car!

Walking with my feet
Eventually walking in the street
14 degrees will do wonders for your cold drinks
It's just too bad that it can't do nothing for me
Just turn my legs into peptide concrete

Free at last as I step into the breeze,
the cold air clears my sinuses and helps me breathe

It's cold as hell, and I can barely see,
only the snow drifts and the desert in the streets

I forgot what it's like to tread in this weather,
If I was a horse than the wind is my tether

This is my last winter on foot, I can't take this any longer
slap the person who said, "Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger

14 weeks and 14 days,
until I can say those 14 words that I like to say

"I'm glad it's spring, because it is my most favorite season of the year!"


~Rebecca Anne~ said...

Think, dress like your on an Antartic mission. YIKES!!
Ok, today I will appreciate my car more then ever.
Wishing you a quick spring
Take care now,
Rebecca Anne

DesLily said...

I'm with you! Not a winter person here!!!

Chelle said...

MMM winter... ::smiles::

Two Write Hands said...

Nice post! I think I might need your help next semester--I'm taking a poetry writing class, and scared! :)