Sunday, September 23, 2007

Two sided coin of good and evil (or Two Faced)

I'm glad I found this on you tube. Its from the last installment of the .Hack GU video game trilogy. Its a series parodies from .Hack GU game. It's called .Hack//4koma. It's the perfect illustration for how how I'm feeling lately.


Listen to what Haseo (guy in the black and red) is saying. But I also recommend watching the whole thing if you want to get a chuckle, and maybe watching the other 3 on youtube because there hilarious. For the record Atoli (the girl in green) is a healer so she doesn't have any strong attacks hence the title of the parody "Stick To Healing".

People have really been getting on my nerves (customer's and employees alike). So I have been acting two faced like Haseo during his "forked tongue", "Terror Of Death days".

For example, I'm walking from an aisle from getting a price check. One of my co-workers asks me to get his cousin at register three and ask him to stop over in his department and see him. I ask him who is his cousin, I mean I was really willing to tell his cousin to go and see him. But I HAVE NO IDEA who his cousin is, and I am trying to get him to tell me this (give me a description!!!). Finally he says never mind and I'm like Okay, and turn away. As I am doing this I think to myself "How the F#%& am I supposed to tell your cousin to COME HEAR if I don't know who the HELL he is". It's just Irritating!

Then there is the customer that comes in regularly to bring in bottles for the five cent deposit. He puts up some of his bottles, and then he stops and ask for his bottle script. He still has more bottles in his cart. I ask him if he is going to put the rest of his bottles up. He tells me that they are separate. I say okay, but inside I'm rolling my eyes and saying every four letter word I can think of.

I'm not feeling very nice right now, in fact can someone tell me what genuine feelings really feel like. This may sound strange, but when I was a kid, for some reason I gave my evil side a name. It was a very unusual name now that I think about it. I named it Old Man. I can't for the life of me figure out why. I'm changing its name. Now my the other side of my two sided coin will be forever known as the "Terror Of Death". And right now that side of the coin is facing up!


Kelly said...

oh Charles! You make me giggle. I know you are serious, and I am pretty sure we have all been in that deep well where everything just rubs us the wrong way. Sometimes it lasts longer than other, but who cares! We all have the inalienable right to be in a pissy mood if we want to be!!

Chris said...

What kind of mood will Charles be in today? It's the flip of a coin, LOL.

Sounds like you've had a sting of "toxic exposure to idiodicy" which will put anyone in a foul mood;)