Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Who comes up with this stuff?

You know how we as a people have fads?!!?

For example during the 60's and 70's were Afros and bell-bottoms. During the 80's there was the jheri curl, and during the 90's there were box cuts, and hair cuts done by placing a bowl on ones head. I really don't know what the fad of 2000's is, maybe its the cellphone...I don't know. I do know that we laugh at them when we look back at those fads and think to ourselves, "What were we thinking"?

The Jheri curl is probably why I am losing my hair (all of those chemicals...No more Jheri curl juice).

Anyways there is one fad that I haven't mentioned that leaves me perplexed. I was walking to work last Tuesday, and when I got to the first crosswalk I had to cross I noticed it. I never really cared about it until a teenage boy started crossing the street to the left of me. He was less than halfway across the street when the light began to change in my favor. As this was happening he started trying to run.

Key word here is TRYING!

Because he was mostly concentrating on keeping his pants up instead of worrying about getting hit by a car...Why

Because he was Sagging! (And here we are worry about people texting while driving) LOL

I never understood why someone would want to where there pants slightly below their waist, or in some cases maybe even lower. It completely baffles my mind, I mean what if you have streaks in your underwear of something?

Seriously I ask myself what is the point? What statement is being made here? Are they trying to see how low there pants can go without falling? Are they trying to share what kind of underwear they like to wear? Are trying to defy society? Or are they trying to tell all the girls out there that they are ready to drop there pants at the drop of a hat?

There is little that can be done about it, I guess! Maybe the G'ment should make it illegal. You know file it under indecent exposure or something like that, because if I don't want to see sagging boobs, then I definitely don't want to see sagging pants...Besides its not safe you could get hit by a car. LMAO



Chelle said...

Thank heavens I'm perky....


X. Dell said...

You know how younger generations laugh at photos of the older generation taken when the elders were their age?

Well, years from now, these kids will have grandkids who will laugh at them.

Jeannette said...

Hi Charles. Are they trying to defy society> More like they're trying to defy gravity! Lol! My personal dislike is those jeans with the crotch round the knees! Jeannette xx

Chris said...

Personally, I have decided just to not wear pants anymore....I just don't know where to put my wallet;)