Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Two Words No One Ever Seem To Notice

I have some sloppy handwriting and it is only legible when I take my time. In fact if it was up to me, I would type everything I do on my computer. It would be pretty challenging though. I admit I get jealous when I see people some neat handwriting. However, when I am working and someone decides that they want to show off there pretty handwriting on some forms that I have to read its another story. Sure I admire it, but we when we have to input the information in our computers, we have to be able to read it right.

When I get customers writing in cursive, it gives me a headache. People actually expect you to make out what they have written. Handwriting is like snowflakes, no two are the same. Yet i'm expected to be a expert in writing.

"Umm, is that a N or an R".

"Is my handwriting that bad"?

"No its good, I just couldn't tell the difference, because you wrote it in cursive you idiot"

I think just about every application we have, just about every payment slip, or money transfer form has two of the most obvious words (isn't it obvious that everyone's handwriting can't be read, no matter how neat it is.)


How hard can it be? Don't tell me that people's brains are on auto-pilot when they are writing? C'mon its in both parties interests if everyone prints. That way not only we as clerks don't have to keep asking a customer if this letter is a S or the number 8, but it will also save the customer a trip, and some gas. You have no idea how many times I had to ask this one young woman if I spelled a word correctly. Her handwriting was just too bubbly. Please, you don't have to be fancy.



Chelle said...

Honesty I rarely ever print. It was taught we must write in cursive. Got in trouble if it was ever printed when in school. So, I just write in cursive. You can tell if I am having a good pain day or a bad pain day by how legible it is. :o)

I don't know many who do print. ::shrug::

Jeff said...

I think all "business type" writing should be print. People are a little more careful when they print because the letters are separated by spaces.

However, when I get letters, etc., I prefer people to use cursive. It is more personal and, like you said, it is unique. I really enjoy seeing pretty cursive writing for some reason. I pay attention to handwriting, in general, more than most.

Trish said...

Forms are meant to be done in nice, printed block letters. I know this 'cause it's what I DEMAND whenever I hand someone a form. :) If I have to ask, it goes into the shredder.. but I'm mean like that. ;) Actually, I just don't have the time to decipher everything that comes across my desk. And another thing that burns my ass? (aside from a flame about 2.5 feet high) Resumes done in comic sans. ~shudder~

By the way - my personal writing? Totally chick. And my sig has a heart above the "i". :D 'Cause people don't expect it of me.. and I *so* big, pink, fluffy HEART messin' with people's minds. :)

So how's your OMFWDYGACABSAB.. S coming along? :)

Charles said...

Wow, and I thought trying to make me choose which hand to write with was bad chelle. Teachers actually make students write in cursive.

I never looked at it that way Jeff. Whenever I see my co-workers handwriting, I get jealous. Mines sucks.

Trish, I used to use a circle instead of a dot when I wrote in cursive. Also I used to make my capital B's bigger than normal. LOL, my OMFWDYGACABSAB is fine. I'm a little moody, but that is because of the heat. (okay maybe not) LOL

Chris said...


This is great because my second in command at work saw my cursive writing for the first time last week on a note I'd written her. She didn't know who wrote it!

Have a great weekend!
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