Sunday, July 29, 2007

Maybe its hypothetical...maybe not

Let's say that your at work and its insanely busy, and that your ringing up an employee. While your doing this your also working on another transaction. You turn your head for a brief moment to attend to the other transaction and when you turn back, the employee who's items you scanned has walked away without paying for his or her food...What do you do?

Lets say you tell the manager on duty, and he or she decides to take disciplinary action on your fellow co-worker how would you feel? Technically this is stealing is it not? He/She didn't pay for there groceries, and they went and sat down and ate the food.

What if I told you that there was more to this story? What if I told you that this person was distracted because he/she was busy talking on the phone. Would that change anything? How would it make you feel if you were responsible for getting someone fired, because they made an honest mistake?

...I wouldn't be able to live with myself...and I would let my feelings be known.


Chris said...

That is why doing a quick "crucial confrontation" could help, by saying, "Hey Susie! Can I see you for a minute?" and address it in private but quickly. Sorry that you were in a tough spot:(

Have a better week!

Trish said...

I'd have spoken to the co-worker before speaking to the supervisor. That way, they'd have had the chance to clear up their error without any repercussion.

Hey - thanks for stopping by again! :) Love your comments. Glad you found a name for your ... syndrome. ;)

shari said...

I agree with Chris and Trish.

Jeff said...

I agree with all previous statements.

Two Write Hands said...

Yep, can't just let it slide (though I'd be tempted to pretend it didn't happen, myself--just to avoid the awkward situation) I would have to have a little chat with the employee.

Chelle said...

Kick em to the curb. Who cares. LMAO.. kidding... I have my "game" face on for Wednesday...

Ugly situation. How do we know for sure they didn't know in fact that they did and just used the being distracted on the phone as an excuse? I've seen it before. Just wanted to put a spin on it. An honest person would have remembered prior to finishing the food and paid up with an appology. I have been on the phone and preoccupied before, but have never been so oblivious to what I am doing to forget about paying for my items. hmmm I wonder if Macy's would understand that argument then I forget to pay for those cute shoes I want so badly. ::ponders::

Charles said...

Chris, Trish, Shari, and Jeff

It was so busy that night, that I couldn't leave the desk. I tied to get her attention before she turned the corner, but she must not have heard I didn't know her name. LOL

So that is why I called her immediate supervisor. She asked why, and I told her. That was my mistake, because the person in charge in her department, told the manager on duty. It's okay though, because I let it be known that we were both kind of distracted.

TWH- I thought about doing that too, but the words discounting kept wringing in my head. Didn't want to risk losing my job.

Chelle- your right, I don't know. There have been some dishonest people at my job before. We once had seven people get fired in one day, because they were all giving each other discounts on food.

You know the funny and ironic thing is, that same night, I walked out of the store with the office keys. I got halfway into the parking lot, and had to turn around and walk back.