Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Call me whatever you want. After this post you may call me...I dunno. My favorite soda is Cherry coke, and I have started to drink it again. NOT as much as I used to but still I am drinking it. Anyone that drinks coke probably knows that inside the cap there is a code that you can used one of their websites to get items. I once got a couple of MP3 songs. They weren't compatible on my MP3, but they were playable on my computer though (the dead computer).

Anyways...while working at the service desk at my job I noticed that when people turn in there plastic bottles some of them leave their bottle caps on there bottles. You know where this is going right?


I hit a gold mine (LOL). Tall bottles, skinny bottles, fat bottles, tiny bottles. I don't care if they are finicky bottles, as long as they have a bottle cap on it from coke (or cokepane accesories...I mean other coke brands LOL). I told my co-workers that if they buy a coke drink to save there caps for me. One of them is actually saving the caps off of returned bottles like I am doing. So kind of her.

I have decided to take it to the next level. If anyone one out there has coke bottles with coke reward bottle caps on them send them to me. I'll take them, I'll take them allllll!

Read the fine Print!

Sendyourcokebottlecapstocharlesw.atabcstrochesterny12345youpaytheshippingandthehandlingkidsgetyour parentspermissionnoticethatthisisn'treallyasolitationjustmyattemptathumor.

You can send them if you want, but good luck finding out where I live!!! Ha-HAAA!


Two Write Hands said...

That's a pretty genius idea. If you ever make your way to my college campus, you'll hit another gold mine. The university has a contract to sell only coke products in vending machines. There are bottles everywhere, and I know not everyone keeps the caps. :)

Chelle said...

I'm looking in yer winder right now MISTER! Now hand over them bottle caps!

Ari said...

I'd have tons for ya, but I drink Mt. Dew, so you're outta luck from me. Oh and yeah, I know where you live. Mwahhaaha. Actually I don't. Sigh


Chris said...

Damn....I thought you were talking about the Bottlecaps candy...I just LOVE the rootbeer ones;)

Charles said...

TWH: Maybe I should go to all of the universities in our area (LOL)

Chelle: I used them all...Not really just hoping you'd fall for my bluff.

Ari: Mt. Dew...say it ain't so. LOL I need (well actually I want) all of the coke bottles caps I can get.

Chris: This may sound dumb of me, but I have never heard of bottlecap candy before. I'm about to go and look it up.

shari said...

:) LOL