Sunday, January 14, 2007

If I don't post...

If I don't post this week, it's because of the Ice Storm. One is headed our way and the meteorologists don't know for sure what to expect. So again if I don't post it is because our power is out, or it is because I have slipped fell on my behind (whoops), and have been impaled by something. Or maybe a power line will get me, or perhaps one of the trees that I took pictures of and posted here (I didn't get there permission). In any case I know how everyone feels that is going through this. In 1991 our family lost power and we had to stay at one of my Aunt's apartments for nearly two weeks. It was quite crowded then because other family members stayed there as well, but it was surprisingly fun. I loved my aunt's pancakes (still do Auntie, by the way if you read this can I have the recipe?).

To all of the families out there that still have power and are going through this, my heart goes out to you. To the families that have lost loved ones, I am sorry for your loss.


Cross Your fingers for Western New York!


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Jeff said...

Good Luck! Hope you get missed (by the storm not the readers).