Saturday, April 05, 2008

Eeriest Thing Just Happened!

I wasn't going to blog, but the Eeriest thing just happened to me. While I was uploading some of my CD's to my computer for my new MP3, I swore I heard my dad's voice. He said my nickname! I still have the chills! I haven't spoken to him since 2005, when I went to his and my step-mom's doctor for a second opinion for my foot. It was strange, I heard it clearly as if he were here. It really freaked me out. Its too late to call him now. I think maybe I should call tomorrow. I seemed to have thought that maybe him and I never had a "father-son" connection. I think maybe I was wrong.


Chris said...

That's really weird. I hope that things go well if you do go see him. Maybe you haven't had a connection until now, but it's never too late to start one. It might be easier now that you are older and likely have more in common now.

Charles said...

Yup He's the movie star and I'm his second rate television clone. LMAO

We've actually have alot in common. Especially are humor. It can be cruel sometimes.

I talked to my dad today (Sunday 4-06-08. For over an hour.

OMG he asked me for computer advice. Dude your gettin' a Dell! :)

shari said...

:) Awww. That's so freaky (and cool) that you were inspired to get in touch by hearing his voice...and it sounds like you connected.