Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The first fall bruised my ego

New Years Eve (Oh happy belated new year everyone), I was walking home from work. I'm a fast walker, so when I saw a dog owner taking its pooch for a walk on the same sidewalk I was on, I decided to cross the street. I didn't want to come up behind the person or the dog and startle either one. So when I crossed the street, you'd think it would be the end of that.


At the time I thought I was having a bad New Years Eve. My wrist was hurting me, I had no one to celebrate with, and my mind was just overflowing with negative gibberish.

I swear there seem like there are times where my life seems to be written as a story. Part A seems to always be linked to part B in some way shape or form (Proof of that in a future post).

Like I was saying I decided to cross the street so I wouldn't get bitten or cause a heart attack. When I got to the other side of the street I noticed a car parked in a driveway. It wouldn't have been much of a problem except that it was blocking the sidewalk that I was on. I hate when people do that. I don't think there was snow on the ground that day so I didn't fall because of that, but when I went around the car, I slipped on a patch of mud and almost took a face plant. I only prevented that at the last second with my right hand. My thumb took most of punishment from that tumble. Well then again my package of chicken wings may have suffered the most. Then again, I was lying there in front of a white car that had its lights on, thinking to myself that if the people in that car didn't see me fall I could be a goner. I used to wish that I was never here. While I was sitting there on all fours I realized that life didn't seem so bad, although New Years Eve could have been a lot better.

If that person wasn't walking there dog, I wouldn't have crossed the street. If I didn't cross the street none of this would have ever happened. It just seemed like I was set up for some sort of cosmic wake up call or something.

If I didn't cross the street then I wouldn't have text message my brother, and told him what happened. Then he wouldn't have responded with a text, and in that text told me that he was joining the Army Reserves.

Life-the biggest coincidence on earth? Just makes me wonder!


Jeff said...

Things are weird and sometimes little things change big things like your New Year's Eve experience. This also applies to hearing your dad's voice and then ending up talking to him for an hour, no?

BTW - referring to your comment on my blog. Sure, you still have time to ask a question! I look forward to what you might ask!

Chris said...

So.....what happened to the chicken wings? ;)

Those coincidences can be annoying sometimes, don't ya think?

Charles said...

Your so right Jeff. I never looked at it that way.

(LOL) Chris: The plastic container that held my barbecue chicken wings broke in several pieces, and stuck to the chicken. I wonder how many pieces of plastic I ate that night? Yeah I think they can be annoying. Have you ever heard of the movie trilogy called Final Destination. I kind of got the feeling just before I crossed the street.

shari said...