Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Not enough words in the dictonary...

I'm...Well I'm pissed. I'm more than pissed I'm...I'm at a loss for words. There aren't enough enough words in the dictionary to describe how i'm feeling right now. My MP3 player has crashed and burned. I'm sitting here at my computer desk looking down to my right at it, and I just want to throw the damn thing. Or maybe I should just throw my computer for having Windows Vista. There is a repair tool for my MP3, but its only compatible with Windows XP, and "There is no update planned, please use the prescribed OS (Windows XP)".

It always seem to come to this. You either downgrade or your screwed. I seem to recall that some people actually decided to downgrade to Windows XP. That doesn't say much about Vista. Its really sad too. I purchased some songs online at and I was only able to play them on this MP3 player or on my old computer. Now I'm going to lose them along with this useless black thing, that is staring up at me with a yellow triangular sign, that has an exclamation point in the center of it. Somehow I feel as if I'm being mocked. There always seem to be an irony in dilemma's occupying my life, and this one is a doozy (not).

But thats alright though...That is alright. I wanted a new MP3 player so I guess I have a reason now to get one. And its not going to be an IPOD (or another Philips gogear for that matter) either. Nope, I've had my eyes on something different. I have never been one for mainstream.


Chelle said...

Man that BLOWS and NOT in a HAPPY WAY!

I went from Winders 98SE to Vista.... I love it, but then again, I don't have any gadgets that need other things or programs as I'm really behind the times. ( I still have my walkman ) LOL! YAY ME! lol lol lol

One day I will actually BURN a CD! ::gasps heard across the USA::

shari said...

It is soooo frustrating when programs aren't compatible...then follows the time consuming process of searching until you find the solution. arrrrgh.

shari said...

:) Oh yeah....and what gadget do you have your eyes on???

Chris said...

Why cant you get a friend that has XP to download the fix and run it for you on their pc?

Oops, wait, am I spoiling your plan for a new MP3? :)

Jeff said...

I'm always the last one to get the latest operating system - because of this type of stuff. I just bought a new laptop for work and insisted on XP. Sorry, man.

Charles said...

I thought about asking my brother , because he has my old computer, but i'm not sure he has the time. He works two jobs and goes to college. Other than that, I have no friends that have a computer with XP, or in some cases computers at all. LOL

It is frustrating Shari. I'm getting the Zen. A co-worker said that his Zen vision M was the best, but they don't make them anymore. So I'll give there newest product a shot.

Maybe I should have too Jeff. I never stop to think about the consequences of getting a product that has been recently released. For example my PS3. Bought that, and it just sat there for six months before I got a game.

Chelle, You have never burned a CD before? You probably don't have a flash card either Huh?