Sunday, March 23, 2008

Reason for my Absence

Hi Everyone! This may sound tacky, but how is everyone doing out there?

I've been away from blogging with the exception of the repost for so long. I think I may have left an impression with my repost that it was work that was bothering me and making me stay away. While there are days where I just want to go postal on some of the bad seeds out of the customers I help, this isn't the reason.

If you re-read that post you may have noticed that when I got angry I punched a metal cabinet as hard as I could. Well recently my hand has been hurting me something fierce. When I went to the doctor to have it looked at the doctor told me that I may have fractured it. I think she called it a "Fighters Fracture". In any case my left pinky, ring finger,and wrist are affected by this and really bothers me when I type. I have been wearing a wrist brace while at work on the really bad days, and think goodness it helps.

I was supposed to go and get physical therapy, but I heard the same four words (nothing we can do) I heard about my ankle and decided why bother. I was too late, about three years too late to be precise, but like I said in another post in relation to my hand in 2005, I didn't go see a doctor back then, because I was scared I may lose my job. I was very emotional that year and I let those emotions get the better of me and snapped at customers that may have deserved it as selfish people but, still it shouldn't have come from a employee thats apart of a Grocery Chain.

I have SO much to blog about since New Years Eve, but every time I go to type I grimace in pain and step away from the computer. I think I may start with the first of two falls this winter.

Which one do you guys want to hear first? Is it going to be the first fall story, my moment in the right place at the right time that seemed like something out of a storybook, with also seemed like I was being led by something divine; or would you rather hear about the second fall. Either way I going to write about them. LOL

I'll be visiting everyone's blogs soon, till then ciao!

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shari said...

:) Just glad you are back. I'm sorry about your hand.
I wanna read about both falls.