Saturday, October 27, 2007

M.I.A. Until Now

Hi everyone!

I hadn't realized that I had been a no show for more than two weeks. This is the longest ever. Well chalk it up to work. I worked seven days in a row. The last thing I felt like doing was blogging. I was online but not as much as normal. By the sixth day I was exhausted. I felt like I was there (at work), but not there. Clearly I was at work, but I felt like I (my soul, my spirit...whatever you want to call it) was being pulled at from something, somewhere else. I know I know it sounds weird, but its how I felt. Heck, I'm still feeling drained.

The only reason I even did this post is because I had to set up my Fantasy Football teams and picks this week, and for some reason I remembered I had a blog and I came to check it. I could say I have neglected it, but my body, my will, my motivation were almost depleted, so I had to give some things up for a bit. This was one of them. I also gave up video games and television. I didn't hardly watch any TV last week. I even dozed off during the four o'clock football game last week (who was playing?).

I got some posts on my mind, I am just going to find the strength. I have to work tonight and tomorrow morning, so I will be a no show Sunday and possibly Monday. Tuesday I'm all yours though. (LOL) Plus I have next Friday (11/2), Saturday (11/3), and Sunday (11/4) off, so I will be looking forward to my first full weekend off since June. Looking forward to Body and Soul!

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