Sunday, August 19, 2007

GoGo Powerful Memories

Memories are a tricky thing. You never forget the memorable ones, but you can forget the last place you left your keys. Most of the time whenever we remember something from our past, it is triggered by something like our senses, or a new memory all together.

It's weird, because a couple of Saturdays back I was watching Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive (the newest version of Power Rangers). Yeah I watch Power Rangers...You got a problem with that? LOL...I have been watching it since I was sixteen. Anyways, I watched the episode where the newest rangers (overdrive) lost there powers. So the Sentinel Knight recruit five former Rangers and restore there powers. As they were revealing who the previous rangers are, I was watching. And as I was watching, I was listening. While I was listening, I heard a familiar voice. When I heard this voice, in an instant, I said to myself, "That voice sounds so familiar". The second Black Ranger ever in the Power Rangers series' name is Adam Park, which is portrayed by Johnny Yong Bosch. When they powered down and I saw his face, I was sure that I have heard his voice, but the face wasn't as familiar. So I later on I decided to log online to do a little research, and it hit me.

Everyone that read this knows I love video games. One of the video games that I am playing now is one of my favorites. In this video game there is a cast of character's with some unique voices. One of the unique voices is spoken for the character Kuhn (The Propagation). The person behind the voice of Kuhn is Johnny Yong Bosch. Like I said his voice is unique, if you voice with the face, you probably wouldn't believe it was him.

Ironically .Hack//G.U. has been compared to the Power Rangers.

I love memories, the good ones anyways.


Chris said...

I've noticed that when looking up some of my favorite actors/actresses in lately. Many of them, even great ones, have credits for voice overs in video games.

Years ago that kind of work was relegated to "d-listers" and an oscar/emmy winning actor would NEVER sink to such work. But now, video games are becoming a more mainstream media source and you're seeing it more and more.

Charles said...

Your right Chris, I never thought about it. Come to think of it I did hear Patrick Stewart's voice on my Elder Scrolls game.

I guess i'll never fulfill my dream of doing a voice over (sigh). LOL

Jeff said...

Memories, like the corner of my mind . . .


Chris said...

This also reminds me of an annoying bank that Brett had when he was around Trevor's age now. It was two of the Rangers and when you put money in a spot, they would slide forward and pull it into the bank.

But when it did, it would blare out the "GO GO POWER RANGERS" and follow up with one of them saying "The good guys are here." It was annoying as hell hearing it all the time.

One day my friend and I were watching football and it had gone off about a dozen times. Carson started mocking it, dancing around the room singing "Go Go Power Rangers - Good Guys Drink Beer". We were all on the floor laughing to tears.

It's kind of silly now, but hilarious at the time.