Thursday, May 23, 2013

It's Complicated!

I'm a difficult person!

Hey its my nature. I want it my way or the highway. I've grown to accept some things now better than when I was a kid. I will always be difficult though. However I prefer to use the word "Complicated". Without complexity what would our lives be like. Most of us go to work to make a living. We punch in and at the end of the day we punch out without feeling an ounce of accomplishment. A few people that work at there jobs, or "careers" find satisfaction in their work. At the end of the day there work may be hard but they feel like they've accomplished something. They want to go back to work in the morning unlike everyone else.

This is me! I don't like doing the same boring thing over and over again (I have to work though). I like to make things interesting. I bought my friend a Furby for her birthday. The day before her birthday she looked behind her and asked what was in a bag, and I told her. On her birthday I put her gift in a bag in the same spot that the other bag was in. I waited for hours to see if she would notice it until finally an opportunity presented itself. I don't remember exactly what happened, but she told me she got me. So I responded by telling her that I got her and she hadn't even realized it yet. She kept asking me what I meant until I told her to turn around and look. She looked everywhere but the place I figured she would. I asked her if she noticed anything different on the floor that wasn't there the day before. She then tells me its the bag. I ask her why don't she look in it, and she replies that she doesn't care what was inside of it. I laughed and said, "you should care". Then she grabbed her gift and realized what it was. I made it very complicated yeah, but at least I made her smile, and at least it was fun. I also tend to make my feelings vague and hinted. I've always been this way, hoping someone would pick up on it and realize what I was trying to convey. I'm growing out of the latter now, because I want to share my true thoughts.

One day I was riding with my Aunt. We were talking about video games, and somehow it became a conversation about entertainment in general. I told her that I feel that American entertainment is dumbed down. No one likes complicated stuff here unless it's about Drama, Sex, and Love. Even then that is watered down. I thought Transformers 2 was lame. They tried to mix bits and pieces from other movies into it. (Raiders of the lost Ark, the Matrix, Half Baked) I didn't like the fact that they had ignorant Black transformers in the film that were doing stupid crap. I didn't like the fact that they had a small robot hump a woman's leg for a cheap laugh.

I then told my Aunt how their is this Japanese game that was Localized to America called .Hack. It's a video game about an online video game "The World" that people play for fun. In this video game their lies a hidden threat that is putting real life players in comas and threatening to destroy the the World Wide Web, plundering chaos into the real world. I won't go into details about it but in each video game series they had a mini prequel series leading up to the game, and if you didn't see the DVD's you missed some important back-story. it wasn't necessary for key points in the game but you would miss out on some of the plot in the story and may not understand some of the things the characters were talking about from the past. I thought that it was pretty cool, because I actually watched the DVD's before I played the game and saw how the DVD's and video games brought it all together:). Even the levels of the game were complicated in a sense. First you have to pick a server, and then you have to choose words from three slots you used to pick a level. In each slot you pick one word, and then the game will take you to a field or dungeon. for example Δ(delta Server) Hidden Forbidden Holyground. It has a ton of cool features that simulate a real video game. If that's not complicated I don't know what is. I think the difficulty of it is the reason it didn't win over many people but it one me over.

I think everyone knows that I love to play video games, and that I really love to play Call of Duty online multiplayer. What everyone doesn't know is that my emblems, and Gamertag On 360 have ironic meaning. My gamertag on Xbox is "UREPITAPHIZTOLD"! The irony is that I play online multi-player games for fun, and my gamertag is based off of a video game about a video game ;) . I got the idea of the name from a video game series called .Hack. The basis of the game .Hack was from a fictional poet named Emma Wielant. The name of the poem is called "The Epitaph of Twilight". Her love interest Harold Hoerwick used the poem as a tribute in his game for his fallen love. Also there is a song on the soundtrack of .Hack//G.U. called "The Epitaph is Told"(See Gamertag name). I have two emblems in Call of Duty:Black ops 2 that were inspired from
from .Hack//G.U. One is a non player character called a Chim Chim, and the other is the Loading icon used in G.U. that have rounded lines and a dot that swirl in a clockwise/counter-clockwise fashion.

I like to think that my thought processes are a wee bit complicated but they are also a part of my charm. I have yet to find anyone who really appreciates that about me, but it's part of who I am. Someday I hope I will find someone that likes this quality in me. When that day will come I will never let her go. LOL

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journally yours, gem said...

Hi Charles!
of course I remember you! I remember a lot of AOL journalers. And since I started writing again I'm browsing around blogger to see who's still actively writing. I'm SO glad you found me. :)
As you can see I kept my original journal name. I followed your comments to your blog and followed you.
I see you love to play video games and wrote about it here. What a great read!
Follow me soon! :)
journally yours,
Gem :)