Thursday, June 04, 2009

->Old<- people can be blunt!


I was at work this week and I was cashing a customers Social Security check, and she asked me how long i've been working at my job. So I tell her, "Eleven years, Since '98". The she goes on to say, "I figured as much, because when I first saw you, you hadn't lost your hair." So now because of another older person, I now want to either get hair restoration or a tupee. Or find a way to go completely bald. LMAO

The other customer, well I put on some weight over the years, and he noticed and called me fat.


Chris said...

Haha! Nice.

The other day Alexis was looking at Trevor and commented that "he has your hair".

I replied, "so THAT'S where it went!"

Chelle said...

yer perfect, don't worry about hair loss or extra padding... you are a beautiful man... period.

Jeannette said...

Like Chelle says, don't worry but it! People are so damn rude, it's none of their business and I don't see that we should make personal comments on others. There's too much attention paid to body image now but you'll always be the same sweet person no matter what you look like! Jeannette xx

Jeff said...

Charles, I have been trying to catch up on things. I am back, I think. You, your honesty, they have been on my thoughts. I am glad I stopped by.
God Bless!

indavao said...

hi... just dropping by!